Friday, September 6, 2013

July and August Recap/ Tough Chik Ambassador!

So like everything else I've half-assed this summer, I have also slacked on my monthly reports.  I totally skipped over July and here we are a week into September and I haven't done August's report yet either.  Here goes both months.


Run: 55 miles
Bike:  375 minutes
Swim: 4000 yds


Run: 50.4
Bike:  220 minutes
Swim:  6500 yds

When totaling these months up, I really thought that these numbers were pretty low, except for the run.  I know I never get over 50 miles for a month so that is really great for me!  Over 50 miles for two consecutive months is awesome!  Go me!

The bike totals are actually pretty average with what I usually do except for July, but that included a 50 mile ride.  The swim is lower than usual but that makes sense with how busy I've been with kid's activities.  I really just have the one day on Friday to get my swim done and that didn't really happen much over the past two months.

So overall, I guess I'm really not disappointed with the summer and my efforts.  I'll never be a 100 mile month runner, but that's ok.  I don't really want to be.


I had the Lobster Roll and Ride in July which is a group ride in Rockland, ME.  My friend and I opted for the 50 mile length and it was fantastic!  I loved it.  The ride itself was along the beautiful coast of Maine and the company was the best.  There is nothing like a good friend and a beautiful ride.  Loved it.

I had a 5K in July which I managed a 1st in age group.  Love those small local races where you can actually win something!

why do I feel like a gazelle but look like a rhino?

August brought the Beach to Beacon 10k and the Rev3 Tri.  I loved the B2B, and the tri I was just happy to get through.
having all the fun high-fiving the announcer

 Looking a little more gazelle-like here--Rev3 Tri

Finish photo--the best photo and feeling of the whole day!

Things I'm Loving

I'm loving that the kids are back to school.  It makes life easier and a little less complicated.  I know where they are going to be everyday and for how long.  We have less things scheduled for the evening hours and they are (for the most part) right in town.  The kids all seem to love their teachers and classes and are genuinely happy to be back to school.  Good stuff.

Things I'm Hating

I guess I'm not hating anything right now which is pretty damn surprising since I'm like grumpy cat and hate everything.

There is something new and exciting in my life--I have been chosen to be an ambassador for Tough Chik!

I have loved Tough Chik and it's clothes, founder, name, meaning and team from years ago when I first discovered the website.  The whole idea behind what Tough Chik means really seemed to resonate with me.  I felt like I had a bond with the founder, Shannon, even though I've never met her IRL, I feel like we'd be great friends if we ever did meet.  I love how Tough Chik welcomes everyone, of all sizes and abilities to be on their team, because really, we are all Tough Chiks in our own way.  We are all fighting our own battle, whether it be weight, work, family, marriage, children; whatever it is, we are are working hard to get through this life and we are all tough.

So look for me to be telling you all about Tough Chik and Team Tough Chik.  Keep on the lookout to join later this year.  Or just go and get yourself a shirt because This is What Tough Looks Like.

How was your summer?  Did you meet your goals? 


Running With The Girls said...

congratulations!!!! you are a perfect TC ambassador!

Maine Runnah said...

Congrats to you!! TTC is lucky to have you on their team!