Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Week Away! Time to Join Team Tough Chik!

Calling all you Tough Chiks out there!  The sign up period for Team Tough Chik is less than a week away!  On October 1 registration for Team Tough Chik will open for any and all women (or men, I suppose...) who want to join. 

Tough Chik is a team of women who run, bike, swim or are active in some way.  You don't have to be fast, thin, or the best, you just have to want to be part of a team that is supportive, encouraging and helpful.

Running, biking and triathlon packages will be available to purchase.  The only other requirement after purchasing the team gear, is to race in it!  You don't have to be active in social media, but if you are, you will find all kinds of support and teammates on twitter, facebook, instagram and various blogs.  You will have access to the Team Tough Chik private Facebook page and discounts at  We have various generous sponsors that give us discounts such as Nuun, Aspaeris, Road ID, Rev3 and others.

I can't wait for this registration to open up!  I've had a sneak peak at the gear, and it is *awesome*!  The tri shorts have been redone and there is a long sleeved running shirt to choose!  Registration is only open for a month so make sure you sign up early.

This will be my third year with Team Tough Chik, I've been here from the very beginning and I'm excited to be a part of it again this year as an Ambassador and a team member.

Come join because



Teamarcia said...

WooHoo can't wait! The new gear looks SO good!

Tough Chik said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for the great post!

Running With The Girls said...

You are the perfect TC!