Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Music Rage

So as if the wasteful spending of money isn't enough this time of year, or the erecting of a live (hahaha live.  right) tree in my house to spread it's pine needle joy all throughout, or the thousands of people that all need to be at the same store as you or park in the same spot as you or buy all the same shit as you.  As if that isn't enough this time of year.

But it isn't.

Radio stations all over the country must subject us to horrifically annoying renditions of already irritating holiday music.  Not to mention it starts sometimes even BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Gah.

Some examples:

why, why, why the annoying little cherub voices?

seriously, is there ever a more annoying song than this??

oh wait, this one might be it.  What. The. F.

I've always hated this song.  Even as a kid.  Stick your Par rum pa pum pum where the sun don't shine. Jesus doesn't want to hear your stupid drum.  I know.  He told me.

As I was thinking about this post for today, I had a thought that probably the only Christmas song I might actually like, was if Grumpy Cat had one.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?

On my Facebook wall, a video, that I would find so dear.

Add to that, Colonel Meow, Blind Cat and that super cute one with the fur mustache, and you have Cat Purrrfection!  And a Christmas song I might actually listen to.  But only if I can watch the video to see the kitties.  Thank you, Danielle, for this treasure.

Oh!  And lastly, I hate those year-end mash up things that they play on the radio now.  Talk about maddening!  You just start to hear a song you like and then it's all mashed up with one you hate.

Let's just get to January folks, when everything goes back to normal.  Please.


..:danielle:.. said...

first of all, youre such a grinch! but of course i love it. second... its one thing to bash on christmas songs. ok, fine. but mashups?! COME ON! we walked into our wedding reception to this 2009 "blame it on the pop" mashup, and i love it. forever.

..:danielle:.. said...

this mashup you posted is awful though, ill agree with you on that.

Becka said...

I really really really really dislike Christmas music. In general, I really dislike Christmas though.

I do like music from the Nutcracker, which is sorta Chistmas-y? Maybe because there are no words?