Monday, April 14, 2014

10 Photos for Spring--Listicles Style

I forget about Listicles for awhile and then I'll see Stasha on tv (cause she's so dang famous now!) or one of her brilliant photos with her handsome dogs and kid will show up on Instagram and then I remember to join in again.  This week it's 10 photos for spring which will also give you a bit of a recap on the past couple of weeks in my life.

If you don't follow her on instagram, you should.  She takes some fabulous photos.  northwestmommy

Here are my 10 photos for spring 2014.

1.  Find the cat.

2.  My lilac survived winter.  Me?  Just barely.

3.  Surrounded by fish at LLBean.

4.  Zero Gravity Northern New England 8th basketball champs!

5.  My new friend and soulmate.

6.  Oh wait, this is my new friend too.  Not sure if she's a soul mate yet, but time will tell.

 7.  Still running.  Still not super warm out.

8.  Going to pick up my taxes from the accountant.  The news was not good.

9.  Christmas present finally able to be put together and used.  If the insurance asks, it's my neighbors.

10.  Nothing says spring like "cat on a leash".  Next door to my office.

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Stasha said...

Love your wit. Hello kitty!!! Here's to warmth and sunshine.