Sunday, December 4, 2011

Busy A** Weekend/November Review

I had every intention of writing up my monthly totals on Thursday like I said I was going to, but work and life got in the way and it didn't happen.  Friday came and I wasn't working so I wasn't near the computer.  Thus, no report.  That night we took 8 Girl Scouts up to the Children's Museum in Bangor for a sleepover.  I'm not sure why it's called a sleepover, because in fact, there was very little sleeping going on.  Bedtime was at 10:00 p.m. which really was closer to 10:30, which then was even later because of the excellent planning of a decorated cupcake snack at 9:30.  Hmmmm.   Again, I don't believe they expect any actual sleep to occur. 

Once the girls finally quieted down, it was the perfect time for my king-sized inflatable bed to begin to deflate.  I knew that one side of the bed might deflate because of the cats playing on it this summer.  But, I did not realize that the entire bed was full of tiny little cat-claw holes.  This makes for excellent sleeping conditions.  (In case you didn't know.) 

Despite the no-sleep, this event was pretty fun.  I think all the girls had a good time.  Ooohh--I almost forgot!  The girls got to make cricket houses.  Complete with crickets!   Yes, we are now the proud parents to 6 crickets.  I do realize that most people spend many hours trying to rid their house of crickets, but those people are not parents to Girl Scouts who went on this sleepover....  (my co-leader did mention that her girls' crickets might accidentally end up near their chicken coop.  oops!)

Saturday and Sunday I got to enjoy a total of 8 hours of continuting education--which thankfully, completes my requirements for this year.  25 hours of class done until 2012, when I get to do it all again. 

So here goes my monthly tally:

Miles Run:  38  Wow.  This is more sucktastic than I realized.  The never ending darkness that is New England right now, has really taken it's toll on my ability to fit in runs.  We start to get longer days on 12/21--not too much longer now!  Of course, it will be a snowy, icy mess then.  I guess I'm going to have to re-find the indoor track.  Gak.  I feel like a hamster on its wheel. 

Swim:  9000 yds  The kids are loving the new pool which makes it really easy to get there to swim.  Lately, I've been able to make it 2 times a week!  Which equal out to 2.5 miles each week!  I'll be in that 100  mile club in no time!  I need to have some plan with my swim training now.  Maybe add in some speed workouts and technique practice.  Google, here I come!

Spin Minutes:  200  Nice job!  A little bit up from last month.  I wish I could say this was an actual spin class, but no.  The lunch time class is gone.  <cries tear>  This is me alone on the spin bike.  I should get bonus points for this......

Tennis:  6 hours played.  Thanksgiving messed this up a little because Thursday is a tennis day, but 5 hours is still nice.  We do that cardio tennis class--a la Anna on The Biggest Loser.  Those folks don't realize how lucky they were to have Anna run a cardio tennis class for them.  I am so jealous.  Not jealous enough to gain 100 lbs to get on the show, but still jealous. 

Weight Training Minutes:  65  Miss consistency here. 

Races:  None this month.  Wanted to do a Turkey Trot but took advantage of the sleeping-in time instead.

Current Indulgence:  Un-freakin-believable (UFB) chocolate cream pies.  We made it for Thanksgiving--ours was not the UFB one, more like the instant pudding and cool whip kind but we had two!  The UFB one is one I picked up yesterday on the way home from the Girl Scout sleepover.  There is this truck stop called Dysarts and they make the biggest, tastiest and not that expensive pies.  Since I was driving right by, it seemed stupid to not stop and get a pie!  I only wish I had thought to grab some homemade bread and rolls too.  Duh!

Current Book:  I'm reading that book of running that I posted about a week or two ago.  I read a chapter here and there.  I now have to try to read Little Bee again as a patient of mine had rave reviews about it.  I tried once and it didn't hold my interest but I'm going to try again on her recommendation.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Current Obsession:  The sale of our other house.  What a freakin' PIA that is.  I am so sick of the crap that we need to deal with from the inspection.  Radon, furnace, septic arrrrrgh!  I just want this damn thing sold already!

Current Song:  Dedication to My Ex by Lloyd and Andre 3000.  Clean version of course.  In fact, I'm a little shocked about the not-clean version.....

One more small thing before I wrap up this post.  It's hard to believe, but the winners of the Chica Bands giveaway did not contact me so I have to pick two more.  The new winners are Terzah and Carrie from Maine Mom on the Run!  Yay to you guys!  Shoot me your info and which bands you want and I'll send that along to the Chica Bands ladies!  My email is  Congratulations!!  Oh, yes and Christi gets the nuts! 

Did you sleep on the floor this weekend?

How was your monthly totals for November?  Better or worse than you hoped for?


Christi said...

Your November numbers look really good. I have got to get back to the pool!!!!!!! Maybe you should nag me! :O

Great job with the Girl Scouts. Their adventure sounds like a lot of fun!

Terzah said...

I'm going to do my numbers later today....I think yours look great. And now you've got me lusting after chocolate cream pie, which is the last thing I need.

Carrie said...

How did I miss this!!! Thanks so much! I'll be emailing you shortly!