Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Missed workout post

Well, here I am on my lunch hour, writing a blog post because I didn't get done with patients until 12:10, then my partner needed to speak with me about business stuff and by the time that was done, it was 12:20.  My next appointment is at 1.  It's hardly worth the effort to change, drive to Y, sweat for 15 minutes, drive back to work, shower etc.  Thus, I missed my workout today.  We are having friends over for dinner tonight so after work is not a possibility either.  Oh well.  One day will not kill me, right?

I do have a lot of virtual challenges coming up for January so I won't be able to miss many workouts then!  HBBC continues through 1/8 so I need to keep gathering points for that.  I also signed up for the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K (FYTO5K) hosted by the Boring Runner.  Basically you sign up on his blog, then on 1/28 you run a 5K.  Then comment back about it, post it on your blog, FB, whatever and you are entered to win some prizes.  He's from Arizona so that's where the thorns part comes from.  And anything below 50 for them is 'freezing' so that's how he can freeze his thorns in AZ.  I pray for 50 here in Maine on 1/28!  That would be a miracle! 

The next exciting virtual race I'm signed up for is KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge.  Karen over at Working it Out, has organized a challenge for her birthday to complete a 1/2 Ironman over a 11 day period.  From 1/1-1/11 you would need to complete 2100 yards swim, 56 miles bike, 13.1 miles run.  It can be done all at once, in parts, however you want.  1 hour on a spin bike = 16 miles unless you can show otherwise.  All those that complete the challenge are entered into a random drawing for prizes.  I can totally do this challenge with a little effort!  Finding enough time to spin will be a little challenging, but I think I can do it. 

Isn't this cake awesome?  I totally want this for my next birthday.  Or if I ever complete an Ironman.
Oh, and I stole it off Karen's blog....

On another note, I seem to be attracting a bit more traffic to my blog lately. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!  I love reading your comments and then linking back to read about you.  Whoever you are that found my blog by searching for "extreme things in ass" or "girls doing unheard things", I'm sure you are quite disappointed with my blog.  And I will not be linking back to read yours....  I'm not sure how either of those things are related to my blog but it was kinda funny to read. 

Are you signed up for any races?  Real or virtual?

For the bloggers out there, any weird search words or phrases that have brought people to your blog?


Carrie said...

I will totally make you a cake like that if you do an Ironman!!!

Carrie said...

I meant WHEN, when you do an Ironman!

Christi said...

That is an awesome cake!

Running With The Girls said...

But, dear Michelle, we did hit 50 degrees on 12/ that in itself is a freakin' miracle! Sorry you didn't get in your exercise. But there is always tomorrow!

I would not be able to do the virtual 70.3 because I suck at swimming. I can swim, but not very far. I need to learn someday if I want to complete a tri!!!!

Lisa said...

Great cake! And I'm afraid to look at the 'search words'. Ignorance is bliss for me on this one!

Terzah said...

The weirdest search words leading to my blog are "nazgul costume" (because I once had a photo of that to go with a Lord of the Rings reference). I'm sure those people are disappointed in my blog. Heck, even my own mother rarely reads it.

No virtual races for me, but I will be virtually rooting for you. :^)

Kara said...

I heard that missing one day can actually kill you. :)

That cake looks awesome!