Tuesday, December 13, 2011

made up workout

Yesterday was another day of craziness--oh how I hate Mondays.  We had scheduled a meeting with the accountant to discuss our tax options (how's that for a bunch of fun?), which if you are wondering, are pay more or pay more.  Anyhoo, that was scheduled at lunch time which is normally MY TIME.  That is the time when I workout by spinning and/or tennis.  On Mondays it is for 90 minutes.  Of course, the meeting took the full 90 minutes so that equals no exercise for me.  Which doubly stinks because I had no exercise on Sunday due to the Rockettes adventure. 

Do you ever feel like you are going to get fat overnight if you miss one workout, let alone two in a row???  Well, that's how I was feeling mid-day yesterday.  Gross, lazy and fat.  (none of which I am, but that doesn't change how I felt.)

This was me yesterday.

 I hurried home so that I could grab the kids and head to the pool for some laps while they played in the small pool.  When we arrived, Manimal had, of course, left his swimsuit at home.  He had his towel but was messing around and dropped his swimsuit.  Ugh.  Then we found out that the small pool was closed for swimming lessons and the big pool had only 3 lanes open and only for lap swim.  Fine for me, but not good for the kids.  All four of us loaded back into the car to go home and eat. 

Yah, right.  Eating will make me feel better.  Not.

I hate a plate full of vegetables and small helping of steamer clams.  Yum!  What a treat in the middle of the winter.  They were so good!  I thought about going for a run, but it was so dark and I really didn't feel like heading out down our lonely road.  So instead, I grabbed the kids jump rope and headed out to the deck.  Soon enough all 3 kids were outside jumping rope with me!  Ha!  Exercise masqueraded as fun!  Everyone but Manimal (who is 6) was much better at jumping rope than I was.  Both the girls had done jump rope club last spring and they are really quite good now.  Manimal was actually pretty good too--he and I were probably about the same ability.....  I will say that I didn't have the right sized rope for me, so I'm sure that played a role.  The shorter rope kept hitting my head and hood and the longer one kept getting tangled so I couldn't swing too fast. 

We all did 30 minutes of rope jumping and then we came inside and did planks and weights.  So I managed to squeak in 1 hour of some sort of exercise.  Now I won't have a big fat zero for my HBBC points for the day.  It's not my usual 6-9 points but a 4 is better than nothing.  And since I did weights yesterday, I can use my whole lunch hour today for cardio and really get my sweat on.  Then maybe, I will feel normal again.

Ever miss a workout and feel like Jabba the Hut?

Have you ever jumped rope for exercise?  It's harder than you think....


Christi said...

I often feel like Jabba the Hutt!

Great job though. You recovered your day well.

FYI, my hubby loved the chocolate covered peanuts!! Thanks again!

Terzah said...

I always feel fat when I miss a workout or eat badly. It's like it happens instantly (or so I think in my head). But it's not (usually) true for me and it's not true for you either.

BTW, my Chicabands arrived. I LOVE them. I'm actually wearing one at work right now. Thank you so much!

Kara said...

Jumping rope is hard!

I don't feel like Jabba the Hut, but I do get that "caged animal" feeling if I miss too many runs.

Lisa said...

Steamers - YUM!