Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I totalled up my entry fees for all the races I did this year.  I was pleasantly suprised to see that it wasn't that bad--$520.  I really thought it was going to be higher than that.  I think that by doing a lot of small, local races I was able to not spend that much in registration fees.  The total should be a bit higher for this year if I get to do all the races I want to.

Nor'easter Tri  $65
Bath YMCA Tri $75
Race the Runways 1/2 Marathon $45
Local Y 5K $25
Tough Mountain Challenge $78
Lobster Roll 5K $20
Rev 3 OOB $150
Maine 1/2 Marathon $55

Actually, doing the totals, it's really about the same!  huh.  Well, I guess I don't have to increase the budget then, do I? 

I just don't know about the Rev 3 OOB race.  I just got all nervous and scared just looking at the site to find out how much registration was!  My stomach got a little queasy just thinking about signing up for it.  I know I can do the distances, so I'm not sure why it makes me all nervous.  I am still worried about the OWS since I haven't really done one without panicking.  I would have a wetsuit and a bunch of other people around me so maybe it would be better....

2.  Random thought of the day.  As we were meeting with the accountant the other day I got to thinking about how many people get away with writing questionable things off as tax deductible and thus saving on taxes, when we are *squeaky clean* (as our accountant put it) but pay through the nose.  That led my thinking into honesty and ethicity (deep thinking here) and if I am as honest and ethical as I think I am.  I don't cheat on my taxes, I don't steal, so I think I am pretty good.  What do you think about other things like buying unhealthy items with food stamps or selling said food stamps so that you can buy alcohol or cigarettes?  Not good either right?  Ok, then how about redeeming an expired coupon and hoping the cashier doesn't notice.  (I've done this!)  Or, if you are in a store and notice that an item didn't get scanned while you are paying.  Do you bring it to the cashier's attention or not?  (For me, if it's in the store, I point it out.  But I would not go back into the store to pay for it if I got out to the car and noticed it then.)

Have you ever switched price tags on items to get the lower price?  How about bottles bought in another state where there is no return deposit and then redeeming in a state where there is?  Kramer did this on Seinfield--hysterical!  For those of you who don't know about this, in Maine we pay .05 extra for every bottle or can purchased, and then when you are done with the drink you can bring it to a bottle redemption and get .05 back. 

3.  Less deep thought now--I hope to finish my xmas shopping tomorrow.  I really don't know what to get the kids so it has been hard this year.  I have managed to come up with a few things that might suprise them, but nothing really spectacular.  They just don't need anything.  I don't know about you, but I hate to spend money just to spend money.  If it's something they need--that's one thing.  But this spending money on stuff they don't need and maybe don't even want just to have stuff under the tree, is for the birds.

What was the total on your race spending last year?  Any increases or cutbacks this year?

Where do you draw the line with honesty and ethicity?

I just had to come back to add this--I had an 80-something year old patient yesterday stick his tongue out at me!  Like nahh nahh.  Seriously!  He was mad at me because I told him he couldn't drive anymore.  I thought that it was pretty obvious that he didn't meet the visual requirements and hadn't actually driven in 3 years, but he looked at me and stuck his tongue out!  I laughed out loud and told him that was the first time anyone, any age, had ever stuck their tongue out at me.  We all laughed then.  It made my day even though he was kinda serious in a joking way.


Christi said...

Okay, the old guy story really cracks me!

Lisa said...

Each year at tax time, we lament/joke that we need to get ourselves a couple of kids. We get KILLED!!!!!

Of course, kids would be a good thing even without the tax implications :)

Terzah said...

We're always honest on our taxes and I haven't done anything like this in years.....but once in my 20s I went to that store Filene's Basement in Boston and took a cashmere sweater that was due to take a big price cut the next day and hid it in the pocket of a winter coat. The next day I came back, pulled it out of the coat and bought it for the lower price. What can I say? Mea culpa!!

I work in a public library. I've never had anyone stick his tongue out at me, but I did have a homeless guy hand me a pair of scissors once and ask me if I'd cut his hair. I said no. I believe in helping the homeless, but each in her own way....