Thursday, March 22, 2012

80 degrees and a new Running Skirt!

Yesterday was a day of awesomeness here in Maine.  80 degrees!!  All over Maine.   Coastal, northern, central, southern--everywhere!  We smashed all temperature records by 20 degrees!  I love you global warming! 

Way back in January, I bought a new Running Skirt and Running Skirt tank top that was on clearance but I have not had the chance to wear it yet because it was a summer-ish kind of outfit.  With the 80 degrees we had yesterday, it was a perfect day to try out my new duds!
This is the exact skirt I purchased--so frickin' cute!

I got this tank in the matching yellow!

Let me say how wonderfully comfortable this whole outfit is!  The material felt like the softest, most expensive pair of panties you might ever own.  And the whole skirt and shirt felt like that!  I bought the skirt with the athletic shorties underneath and they were just the right length.  My legs did not rub against each other and nothing rode up. 

I do think I might need the next size down because as I was running, the skirt kept sliding down a bit and I felt like my bum was going to hang out.  As I left it alone, the yellow band at the top settled in just below my belly button and didn't slide any further.  I think I felt like it was going to fall off because, unlike any other running skirt I have worn, there wasn't any thick elastic band going around the waist.  I really enjoyed that once I knew my skirt wasn't going to fall off--it was silky, smooth and so comfy.

I am usually a 6-8 depending on the pants and I ordered the Size 3 which is equivalent to size 8.  Next time I will order a size down. 

The tank was one of the nicest, most comfortable and stylish tanks I have ever worn.  It had cute little double straps that criss-crossed in the back and a 'bra' built in.  One added feature that I loved was the boob pads that were tucked into the bra.  1.  It made my boobs look bigger.  2.  It nicely hid the 'headlights' that sometimes happen to us women when we run.  This tank could really be worn as an actual tank shirt under dress clothes or to work or out to dinner.  It was that nice. 

I wish I had had my camera with me to get a picture of me in the outfit--it is really cute.  I wore it before my run into the Longhorn restaurant to get my daughter dinner while she was at dance.  I even got a compliment on it from another dance mother!  I like the fact that my butt was covered and I was still wearing spandex-like material.  I was wearing work-out clothes that didn't really look like work-out clothes. 

Overall, they are a little pricey, but I feel that the quality, comfort and look of these clothes are worth the higher price.  I probably won't have 10 skirts in my collection, but I would like to have 3 or 4!

And let me tell you, running in 80 degree weather, in Maine, IN MARCH, at 5 o'clock at night was something spectacular! 


I was almost able to ignore the raging sore throat I have had for 4 days now.  Headed to the Dr. at lunchtime today--I'll let you know how that turns out.

Have a great Thursday!


Running With The Girls said...

Love your new outfit! I cannot wait for my running skirt to come. Maybe it will be home waiting for me? :) I just went downtown to a meeting at the supt office and it took all sorts of willpower to force myself to go back into the school. Perhaps the only reason why I came back in is because I left my lunch and purse in my room. LOL!

Bobbi said...

Thanks for the review! I've been on the hunt for a skort that doesn't ride up :)

Becka said...

I have that same skirt! I don't like the athletic style (with the shorts) because it seems if I put anything in the pockets, they slide down. I like the triathlon style (nothing underneath) or the running style (briefs). They have a sale going on TODAY ONLY $10 off :D

Teamarcia said...

We've had 80+ here for...wait for it...7+ days here. Insane! But I'm not complaining, that's for sure.
Love the outfit--I've never tried their tops so good to know they're nice.
I so wish I would have gotten the camo skirt for Marine Corps this year. Sigh.

Lisa said...

Love the skirt and love the March Madness of 80 degree temps too!