Monday, March 12, 2012

dorky mom gushing over her kids

This is one of those posts.  A post where a mom (me) gushes over how brilliant her kids are.  Please skip over this particular post if you don't like that sort of thing.

Friday was just one of those days for me when you are just bursting with pride over your children.  I picked up Princess and Manimal after school and they started talking about their day.  Grades K-3 had gone on a field trip to see The Lorax.  (I'm not sure how seeing The Lorax qualifies as something school or learning related.....  but I digress.)  All the kids were leaving the movie theater and Manimal noticed that his teacher had stayed behind to clean up some of the snack trays and drink cups that some kids had left on the floor.  MY SON, was the only one out of 100+ kids that went back and asked her if she wanted some help cleaning up.

MY son. 

My 6 year old son. 
The very same one who cannot pick up his socks or towel or sneakers at home. 

She was so happy and proud of him all at the same time.  As she was telling me about it at school, she said it really brought tears to her eyes that he cared enough to come back to help her. 

That was Proud Moment #1.

Later that night we had to go to watch Big Sissy as she performed in a band concert.  Not just any band concert.  But an HONORS band concert.  6th grade Honors Band for District 3.  It where they choose 1-2 students from each school in the district to represent their school in this band.  The kids met at 10 am that morning and practiced all day together and then put on a concert that night. 

Now, I'm not really into music and band and all that so these sort of things usually bore me to tears.  But this particular concert was actually very good.  It has been a source of anxiety for Sissy for the past 6 weeks.  She gets very nervous about things that she is unfamiliar with and the new music, going to a different school and working with other kids made her very nervous.  She face-timed with her band teacher over school vacation.  She went in after school to practice the music with her band teacher, and she practiced countless hours at home so she wouldn't sound bad. 

I know she nailed it!  They sounded great!  Even though there were 8 or so flutes, I'm pretty damn sure I heard her though all of them. 

I'm just so proud of how she worked through her nervousness and became the most prepared she could be.  She is such a hard worker--much better than I was at that age.  And she cares.  She cares about her performance and how she does.  And it extend into everything she does--homework, basketball, field hockey, band, whatever.  Whatever she is doing, she works hard at it and does the best that she can and gives 100%.  There is nothing that she does half assed.  (well, picking up after herself, maybe...)

Just.  So.  Proud. 

That concludes Proud Moment #2

Princess, in true Princess fashion, didn't really do anything that particular day to make me especially proud, but she does make me proud every day.  Something that sticks in my mind from last month was when she stood up to a kid in her class that was picking on her best friend.  I can't ever imagine standing up to the bully kid in 3rd grade.  That just wasn't me.  But she is just not afraid of that--she is a great advocate for herself and her friend.  She's got her dad's guts, that's for sure.

Proud Moment #3

I love them!

So, all in all, it was a great start to the weekend.   I started my milage for the GU challenge of 100 miles ran from 3/9-4/9.  I got 12 in this weekend.  That is a good start for me.  I don't think I can get the whole 100 miles, but I am sure going to give it a try.

How do your kids make you proud?

Are they better people than you were at their age?  I think mine are.

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Christi said...

Congrats proud mommy! You have every right to brag on your kiddos!

Julie Roberts said...

I love your kids too and you SHOULD be very proud...we are so lucky!! We have the BEST kids!!

Julie Roberts said...

I love your kids too and you SHOULD be very proud...we are so lucky!! We have the BEST kids!!

Anonymous said...

I love proud mommy moments...and I'm jealous of how much running you can do.

Anonymous said...

I love proud mom moments. :-) I am jealous over your athletic abilities too...

Teamarcia said...

Awww very sweet moments for sure! The apples don't fall far from the tree afterall. :)

Terzah said...

My kids are definitely better people than I was (though if you look at their rooms you'll definitely see some of my clutter tendencies coming it genetic????).

I'm especially proud of how sweet they can be to each other. I was never that nice to my little sister. Maybe it's because they're twins...they fight, but they also really love each other, hug each other in the mornings, worry when the other is sick or sad....

Carrie said...

You should be proud...what awesome kids!

While I'm trying for the 100 miles, I can't enter the contest. Data needs to be uploaded through your iPhone or Garmin, not manually. I don't have either. :-(

Maybe GS cookies will help with my sadness. LOL!