Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Listicles on Wednesday

I still like doing the Listicles hosted by Stasha at Northwest Mommy.  I pick and choose which ones I participate in based on whether I can come up with 10 points or not.  This week is a pretty good one:  10 reasons why it's great to be a kid, or not!  Whichever you choose.  I'll do both.

Why it's good to be a kid:

1.  Free rent/food/heat etc.  Nothing like a free ride.
2.  In my house, unlimited access to any sport you wish to play and people who will bend over backward to drive you there.  And cheer you on.  And pay for it.
3.  You are so freakin' cute that people just love you without even knowing a thing about you.
4.  Having your whole life ahead of you and nothing to stop you from dreaming big.  Remember when you thought you could be a gymnast in the olympics, or be President, or play in the NBA?
5.  The 'work' part of your day begins at 8 and ends at 2:30.  Plus you have lunch and recess and gym during that time.
6.  Crazy good metabolism and limitless energy.
7.  The ability to fall asleep literally the second your head hits the pillow.  And sleep completely undisturbed no matter what is going on around you for a full 9 hours.  I am so jealous of that.
8.  Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny
9.  Beautiful, soft, flawless skin (pre-teen).  Jealous of this too.
10.  Summer vacation!!!

Why it stinks to be a kid:

1.  School lunches.
2.  Bedtime at 7:30.
3.  Someone is always restricting your access to soda, candy, ice cream etc.
4.  Bullys
5.  No wine, beer, martinis whatever.
6.  Someone is always telling you to pick up your room, the dishes, your toys etc.
7.  The really stupid cartoons/tv shows they have for kids these days.  Wow, are they bad.  Nothing like the good ole Bugs Bunny and Flintstones we used to watch.
8.  Homework.
9.  Chores that no one pays you for and then calls them character builders.
10.  Braces.

Overall, I think the kids have got it pretty good.  What do you miss about being a kid?  Or what did you hate about being a kid?


Teamarcia said...

Cute! yes, overall I think kids have it pretty darn good.
I miss going out to play and totally losing track of time and being out adventuring all freaking day without a care in the world.

Emz said...

I love this.
I soooooooooooo have days where I'd give my right pinky to be a kid again. ;)

Christi said...

I miss the days of being able to free to dream that anything is possible!

Terzah said...

I LOVED being a kid.

Other good things:
1) No inkling of how much early adolescence sucks.

2) Every thing is new! Venus fly traps, sunsets...So many "firsts" are still in front of you!

3) Colds are just minor irritations. You can sleep through them, play through them and even be in a good mood through them.

AudreyN said...

Kids do have it good, except they don't get martini's! I think i'd rather be an adult not making my bed and drinking a martini

Bobbi said...

I loved this list! I miss the perfect hair color / highlights, the deep dark summer tan and flawless skin... all without any effort or thought at all.

paul said...

Great list, I think I like 9 on the cons list the best LOL Oh yeah, completely with AudreyN