Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Gets in the Way

Sorry I've been away for a little.  But as my post title suggests.... Life gets in the way.  Friday had me dealing with some difficult things at school which then carried over into the weekend.  It takes me a little to calm down from being upset and this one lasted through Sunday.  Thankfully, the weather was superb and really helped with lifting my spirits.

I want to share a funny story that happened this weekend that just goes to show you how small town my little town really is.  We had basketball out of town on Saturday morning for Sissy and didn't get back until afternoon.  We headed down to the Y to watch some more basketball.  I ran into a high school kid who is a friend of our family.  He mentioned that his dad had left a message at my house and was having trouble with his eye.  I got his cell and called him on my cell.  We talked and I decided to call in a prescription for him.  Well, I was just heading out for my run and Rite Aid (the pharmacy) was on the way so I ran there, walked in, wrote the Rx and headed out on my run. 

About a mile into my run, I ran past his dad on his way to the pharmacy to get the Rx.  We waved.  I continued on my run and as I was finishing, and again passing Rite Aid, I saw his truck was in the parking lot.  I thought since he was right there I may as well run in to take a look at his eye to confirm that what we were doing was correct.  I did a little consult right in the pharmacy.  Now how's that for small town?  lol

Sunday was another super warm day for Maine.  Sunny and mid 60's!  We went to the beach and found many suprises that day.
1.  They were open and charging admission.  In March?  Weird.
2.  It was packed!  We expected no one to be there.  Guess we all had the same idea.
3.  There were no less than 15 horse trailers there.  Which means horses everywhere!  Again, weird.  But they allow animals on the beach until 3/31.
4.  We were hoping to find many sand dollars because of the low tide.  We found one.  Not skunked at least.

isn't Maine spectacular?

so pretty to see them run!

our loot for the day

I did manage to get to rafflecopter and pick a winner for the Bloggy Birthday Giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Carrie at Maine Mom on the Run was the winner!  Again!  I swear, we do not have something fishy going on here.  She is just damn lucky.  Carrie, go buy a lottery ticket, will you?  Don't bother contacting me, as I already know where you live and such.  I'll get you your goods sometime when I've driving through.  I haven't ordered the sunglasses yet so it will probably be next week sometime.  Congratulations!

And just because it's my blog and I can, I'll leave you with a couple shots of my rising basketball stars!
Have a great Tuesday!
she's got that passing lane covered

about to steal

not bad form for 6!


Running With The Girls said...

Totally rigged!!! Just kidding. Love your pics. You had a lot going on! :) Way to go Carrie!

Christi said...

Maine is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics because I don't know if I will ever make it there.

Bobbi said...

How fun would that be to ride horses on the beach!! Another gorgeous beach day on the slate for tomorrow! I can tell this job-thing is going to get in the way the next several months ;)

Terzah said...

Maine does look beautiful! A different beauty from here in CO.....My parents spent their honeymoon in Maine--easy to see why.

Kara said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I would kill to ride horses on that beach :)