Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anything to Win?

This afternoon as I was stalking FB and reading trash celebrity articles reading the WSJ headlines, I came across this news article in yahoo news.  HERE is the link if you want to read it.  To summarize, in the Oregon girls basketball state title game one of the teams playing (Willamette) knew it couldn't beat the other team (Springfield) by playing a regular game of basketball. 

So instead, the coach chose to have the players stall the game.  And I don't mean stall like slowing down, taking your time to find the right shot, I mean stall like hold the ball for the ENTIRE second quarter. 

No passing, no dribbling, no shooting, no nothing.  Just standing there holding the ball. 

Can you imagine being there to watch that game?  ugh.  Talk about being bored to tears. 

To their credit, they did manage to keep the score very low and stay within two baskets at half time.  The score was 4-0.  Final score 16-7.  And they didn't even win--they still lost.

But really?  Your only shot of winning is to not play the game at all???  Why bother then.  Why not just concede the game ahead of time and save everyone the misery of watching such a painfully boring game.  Or lack of game. 

Is that really in the spirit of the game?  Is that how it was meant to be played?  Is it a good strategy?  Was the coach on to something brilliant?  I think not. 

There is really no strategy in not playing at all.  It is just that-- NOT PLAYING. 

As much as I hate that player in tennis, (if you play tennis, you know exactly what I am talking about) that one that hits what I call a moonball, at least that is a strategy.  They hit it the same.  Every time.   That slow pace ball that goes really high over the net and lands really deep in the court.  No pace.  No spin.  Not even any placement.  Just high and deep and slow.  No matter what you hit to them, they hit the moonball back.  It wears you down and makes you make mistakes. 

That game sucks (to me), but it is a strategy and you are still playing the game.

But to not play at all??  I don't even think that is considered good sportsmanship.  To basically say, "We can't beat you playing basketball how it was meant to be played.  So we aren't going to play", is really piss poor sportsmanship.  IMO

Why not just play your best game and lose 45-30?  Wouldn't that be more in the spirit of the game?  Wouldn't you feel better about yourself having tried, at least?  Maybe try to double team their best player.  Full court press.  Take away the outside game if they are good at 3 pointers.  Something.  Anything.  Anything at all is better than just not playing. 

What is your take on this? 

Brilliant strategy or shitty game play?

I think you know what my vote is.  Play hard or go home.

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Cynthia said...

I hated stalling back in our day and I hate stalling still today. Just play.