Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Foot Update and the Moose

So how'd you like that 4 day weekend?  Say what?  You didn't have a four day weekend?  Oh, well, I'm so sorry for you.  I enjoyed the shit out of mine.

Friday I had taken the day off to go to the doctor about my heel.  Yes, here in Maine sometimes you have to take a day off to get to the doctor.  There aren't that many doctors in Wal-Marts around here (although I hear it's coming), they aren't open on weekends and many specialists are an hour away.  So taking the day off to see the doctor is a valid excuse and accepted at many places of employment. 

Not that it mattered for me because I work for myself so I'll take any damn day off that I want to. 

So back to my foot. 

I arrived at the chiropractor's office just about on time--yay me--and spent the next 20 minutes filling out the shitload of paperwork they gave me.  After the paperwork was filled out I was put in a room to wait for the doctor.  He arrived promptly and we discussed my foot and what was going on.  Of course, right at that moment, my foot didn't hurt at all, but after examining me he could tell that the area was tight and my hip area was more tight on the left side as well.  He agreed that I likely had plantar fasciitis and had some things that he thought would help.

He did a few adjustments (who knew you could 'adjust' your foot??), which involved messing with my toes, pushing on areas of my foot and yanking my leg like he was pulling it out of my hip socket.  It didn't hurt at all but that was the only way I could think of to describe it. 

He then sent me out to the other doctor (who I also presumed was his wife) to have ultrasound treatment, massage and re-rock tape my foot.  The ultrasound felt just like the same ultrasound that you got when you were pregnant--cool gel on my foot and this instrument going back and forth over the bottom.  I have no idea what it was supposed to do so I wished he had explained that part.

According to my google search, ultrasound is a widely accepted treatment for soft-tissue injuries which removes the damaged tissue and reduces scar tissue and inflammation.  Yes, please.  That is just what I need.

Next she did a massage of my foot and calf area.  I wish I had had the foresight to complain about every part of my body so that I could have that massage all over.  Even though parts of it were painful, it was the most awesome part of the whole visit.  I would drive an hour again every single week to get that massage. 

I wonder if somehow, I can get the doctor to 'prescribe' massages for me so that I can use my health savings account to pay for them...... hmmm. 

Anyhoo, after about an hour or so of all my treatment, I was re-rock taped and sent on my way.  The recommendation was to come 2-3 x's a week for 4-6 weeks.  However, that is really not possible given my distance from their office so we set up a week appointment and hopefully, I can make it. 

My foot felt sore later that day, I think from the deep tissue massage, but overall feels better than 3 weeks ago.  I ran on Sunday so it was sore again later that day but I am having less and less issue with getting up at night and being so stiff I can't walk.   I think the only thing that is missing now is rest and stretching.  He did ask me to fill a bottle with water and freeze it and use it to roll my foot against.  I haven't done that yet, but plan to tonight. 

I cannot believe that I had two kids there and never thought to take one picture.  What kind of blogger am I?  Jeeesh. 

What I did manage to get a picture of is the moose my husband got last week.  He and Manimal went hunting last week and managed to shoot this:

That, my friends, is what you call organic meat.  No chemicals, no pesticides, no fillers, no added products.  Leaner and healthier than beef.  Right now we have moose meat everywhere.  I have 40 lbs of sausage in my upstairs fridge.  There are legs and hindquarters in the down stairs fridge and other parts in large coolers on ice.  Hubby will be busy the next few days/weeks cutting and packaging all this meat.  Lucky us!  Enough moose for 2 years at least!

Have you ever tried moose meat or any other game meat?


Carrie said...

I had moose in high school after my boyfriend hit one with his car. And it was a Boothbay moose!

Nitsirk said...

My neighbor got a moose a couple years ago and gave us some Moose meatballs or "Mooseballs." They were tasty :)

Sarah G said...

I grew up in Alaska, so yeah I've had moose. LOL Not in a very, very long time though.

Running With The Girls said...

Someone gave us ground up moose meat. Its in the freezer. I have NO IDEA what to do with it. Maybe I should make mooseballs with it. ;)