Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things I Can't Say

Words in the Running World I Can't Say

Saucony-- do you say it saw-coh-nee or saw-cuh-nee?  Either way they are my running shoe.

Athleta-- is it ath-let-a or ath-lee-ta? 

Mezamashii-- no idea.  I guess it doesn't really matter if I can say it or not since they wouldn't let me into their running clique.  Who wants a brilliant run anyway?  Me, me, me!  If you still are sending folks the sneakers!  No, I'm not bitter.

Lululemon--ok this one is just my stupidness.  I always thought it was Lulu-mon.  Not lulu-lemon.  That just sounds like a jacked up citrus.  I like my name better. 

EMZ--us bloggy folks know who this is but I always called her E.M.Z, by saying each letter.  Until I learned it was short for Emily, like Ems.  Gah.  Whatever.  I still say E.M.Z.  I want it to be an acronym for something really cool like Emily, Master of Zen or Emily, Master of Zee treadmill (said in best French accent).

Aspaeris-- The only way I can think of to say it is ass-pear-is.  No idea if that is correct.

Quinoa--I know now that it's keen-wah, but I always want to say kin-oh-ah. 

Chia--I only know how to say that because of the Chia Pet.  Thank you bad 80's gag gifts that won't go away. 

Nothing at all to do with running, but both of my daughters cannot say ambulance.  They both say am-blee-ance.  Freakin' hysterical. 

Are there any words you cannot/do not know how to pronounce?
Isn't Lulumon so much better than Lululemon??  Really?  lulu Lemon??


Sarah G said...

I thought it was lulu-mon for a quite a while and thought it was a pretty stupid name! When I realized it was Lulu-lemon I thought it was even stupider. LOL
I can't think of anything else off hand that I wonder about the correct pronunciation of.

Emz said...

Sooooooooo day made.
You can call me whatever the freak you want!!
I'm sure there's a fun acronym game we could play. ;)

Loved this post.
I'm a sau-cuny girl & lulu mOn girl.

Tough Chik said...

HA HA, I always love your posts! Mine is Paleo, although I "think" I got it.

Although I get Tough Chic (sheek) not Chik (chick) so maybe I fall in this category!

Katie said...

LOL!! I thought it was lulu mon too!!

Carrie said...'re so funny.

Unknown said...

LULU MON here too...until last year. wtf is a lululemon?

EMZ rocks...she is Zee master of the TM...and looking flipping fabulous running a fast marathon. so not and gorgeous. lol

That Pink Girl said...

I always thought it was Lulumon too!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love this post. I'll have to agree with you on a bunch of those.

Kiley @ DailyVitaminF

Running With The Girls said...

ha ha! I'm with you. I can't say any of those. And I teach kids how to read!