Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Training Buddy

Last post I mentioned that a friend had a Cycleops Bike Trainer that she was willing to sell to me.  So I finally got over to her house this weekend to pick it up.  It is exactly the one that I decided I wanted from reading all the reviews about trainers.  But at half the price!  Winning!

She had all the stuff that came with it: the trainer, the block to put your front wheel on and a training DVD.  All I had to do was set it up.  Yah.  After about 10 minutes of messing with it trying to get my bike attached, the kids yelled for dad to come help me.  I swear, it was a mere 90 seconds and he had it hooked in and ready to go.  Thank God for husbands and their mechanical minds, right?  I would probably still be there trying to make the damn thing fit.
There's Manimal wishing he could get on and ride.

I took it for a test drive yesterday during the miserable cold and rain, but of course, I was nice and dry inside!  I had to do something since I opted not to race the Maine 1/2 Marathon like a loser.  I woke up at 5 and looked out and it was raining and cold.  Back to bed I went.  I just was not in for another rainy, wet, cold 13.1.  I just didn't care.  Thank goodness, I was able to use the trainer. 

I popped in the DVD and off I went.  15:00 of warm-up, 40:00 of  'racing' and 5:00 cool down.  My son kept peeking in and asking me if I was winning.  Yes, of course I was.  It had the video that simulated you being in the middle of a race and at the bottom it was telling you what intensity you should be pedaling at.  All the while you can switch gears to make it harder or easier, depending on your ability and how tired you are. 

I really liked the trainer.   It wasn't very loud and I could hear the DVD over the noise it made so if you wanted to watch a movie, you certainly could.  I am keeping it in our 'formal' living room (which we never use or even have furniture in), so I'm just keeping it set up there.  But if you had a husband (or you were mechanically inclined...) you could easily remove the bike and hide the equipment away in a closet when you weren't using it. 
me wearing the shirt for the race I didn't race in...
I haven't quite figured out how to use the front block yet.  I think you can put the front wheel on in different ways to make an incline and make it harder.  Honestly, the first ride was hard enough so I think I'll leave it just how it is for now. 
I'm pretty sure I'll be using this trainer quite a bit this winter.  It will be so easy to just hop on for a little ride when it's snowing or when I just don't feel like leaving the house.  There are some accessories that I'm planning on purchasing--extra dvd's, a mat for the floor and a thing to catch your sweat (kinda gross but it comes with the kit so I'll take it).  How convenient that I have an anniversary coming up this month!  Winning again!
So my unofficial review of the Cycleops Fluid2 Trainer is:  it's awesome!  I would recommend it to anyone newbies or seasoned bikers.  It was set up in mere minutes, and I was training right away.  I didn't have to put it together since I bought it used, but with a husband (see above), I'm sure it wouldn't take too long. 
I believe this model retails for $349.  I bought mine for $175 and I think it was a good deal. 
Next will be some new bike shoes.  :)
Do you have a bike trainer?  Do you love it?
Any thoughts on bike shoes?  Mine are so ugly.


Running With The Girls said...

Love your new training buddy. I think it will get you many miles this winter for sure. I don't have a trainer but I have a stationary bike and I love it in the winter.

I don't blame you for not doing the 1/2 yesterday. I am hoping that since we had a repeat of last years weather for the Maine Marathon that MDI's weather will repeat itself - and it was gorgeous and perfect last year. Fingers Crossed!!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice trainer and yay for getting such a great deal on it! I don't wear bike shoes, I don't bike enough at this point to justify getting them. I am not sure I have even seen any bike shoes that aren't ugly :)

Teamarcia said...

Yay for the trainer! I don't blame you one bit for not racing the half in cold rain. Yuck.

You're right I do tend to 'cover up' swimsuit wise. I'm comfy that way but hope I don't regret not rocking a skimpier suit while I 'can'. Ha!

That Pink Girl said...

Yeah for trainers! I had one that a friend gave me, but I recently gifted it to another new cyclist. Pay it forward, you know? So I'm looking for one and I've had my eye on the CycleOps Pro. Good to know it is quiet because my other one sounded like a jet taking off!!!!
As for shoes, I pink sparkle heart my Sidi roadies. Love them!