Wednesday, November 14, 2012

F***ing Dentist

Dentists suck.  There are no two ways around it.  Anytime you need to go to the dentist, it sucks.  I seem to have this weird attachment to my teeth however, so dentists are a necessary evil. 

Today was the last round of "clean up of rot tooth Michelle's mouth".  Thankfully.  Only two cavities to fill today.  ugh. 

Got the usual round of novacaine jabbed in the gumline the floor of my mouth and sat around and waited for the numbing to begin.  Tongue was gone, side of face gone, well, we thought we were ready.  And then the drilling begins.  And ZING.  Nope, not quite numb enough. 

Round two of novacaine shot. 
waiting for my face to numb up.  the assistant finally left the office so I could get a pic without looking like an idiot

Finally, my ear was even numb (what a weird feeling that is) and we were ready to go. 

I was a little more prepared this time and brought my headphones so I could listen to Pandora when that freakin' drill was ginding away inside my head.  So f***in' loud.  I swear it feels like he is drilling to China in there.  So the music helped.  I just cranked it up when the drilling was happening and turned it down otherwise. 

I was sitting there cursing him the entire time he was working.  SOB.  Ass.  F***er.  This sucks.  You Suck.  F**k off.  Bite me.  No, wait.  Let me bite you. 

But really it was my own fault.  F**k you Mt. Dew.  Why do you taste so good but are acid on my teeth??  Why? 

We almost had to abort the cavity filling and head straight to a crown, but somehow he was able to rig some medal thing around my tooth so he could fabricate a wall.  Because the side of my tooth had rotted away.  Nice visual.  I know.

One hour and $450 dollars later, my mouth is free of decay.  Time to crack open a Mt. Dew.  JUST KIDDING!   well, not really..  One small sip won't hurt...


Carrie said...

I so need to go to take care of a tooth I had filled several years ago with a temp filling and need a crown for...but can't bring myself to go. And I pay for insurance in the meantime ... sigh

Christi said...


Anonymous said...

I could NOT agree with you more, dentists, orthodontists... they are all evil!