Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Booty Buster Challenge 2012

I signed up again for the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge (HBBC) hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish.  It is a great way to keep motivated to exercise daily and eat right because you earn points for all the exercise you do and extra points for eating your veggies!  Like last year, Amanda has so many prizes for those that participate.  All those points add up and at the end of the challenge, prizes will be awarded to those with the most points.  But best of all, we will stay fit and hopefully, not gain any weight over the holiday season.

This week thus far points are as follows:
Monday--50 minutes of cardio tennis = 5
Tuesday--4 miles run = 4
Wednesday-- 4 miles run = 4
Thursday--3.5 miles run = 3.5
Bonus points for Thanksgiving run with kids +2, cleaning points +1
Friday--50 minutes of lap swimming = 5
Saturday 0 rest day.  probably should be minus points for all the crap I ate today.  ugh.
Sunday--3.5 miles run = 3.5 and 40 minutes of swim = 4
There are also points for walking and I walk my dog every night so I'm going to count that as well.  We go about 1/2 mile so +3.5 points for the week for dog walking.

1 day of eating 7 fruits/veggies = 1

I also earned 4 bonus points for tweeting, posting on FB and putting the logo on my blog.

FB participation points +3

I need to do a little better with the fruit/veggie thing.  I'm fine with the veggies and get up to 4 but beyond that, I'm terrible with having fruits for snacks instead of junk.  Ah, you can't be perfect all the time, right?

I think you can still sign up if you want to participate.  Just head to the link above and follow the directions.  There are plenty of prizes to be had still.

What are you doing to stay fit this holiday season?