Thursday, November 29, 2012

PV Body Package Arrives!

About a month ago I read on another blog about PV Body and found it interesting.  Basically, it's like a subscription for cute fitness apparel.  But at a lower price.  To sign up, I went on their website and took a short quiz about my particular style.  I also had to give my sizes for tops and bottoms and once a month PV Body will send you a package of one top and one bottom of fitness wear.  It can be yoga pants, tank tops, fitness shorts--whatever.  The brands vary as well.  The total value of the package is supposed to be in the $140 range, but the cost of the monthly subscription is $39.95.  A good value, right?  I had even gotten a 20% discount from the blog that I signed up on so my first month was about $32.  I figured any two pieces of fitness apparel was worth that!

Initially I had a little difficulty getting my order, and had to email them to see if I had placed the order correctly.  It seems they were missing some information about what colors and styles I preferred and had left a phone message to get that information.  I didn't remember getting a message but after some thought I recalled a message on my answering machine that I ended up deleting because it was so fast and garbled that I couldn't understand any of what the person was saying.  I think that was probably the message.. 

Anyhoo--once it was straightened out via email things moved along nicely.  I received my package yesterday:

I came in this very pretty pink package and Princess pronounced that I had received a package from Santa.  She was pretty excited.  I asked her how she knew it was from Santa and she said the package said so!  Return address said Santa Monica.  Maybe Santa Monica was Santa's sister... 

Inside the package was a Nux tank top and American Apparel capri pants.

I actually like both things.  The man who helped me via email did warn me that the sizes run small and that I might want to switch my shirt size to M when I said I wore size 6.  So I was glad for that.  The capris, however, look like they are going to be a bit small.  I probably should have upped that to a large...

I wasn't familar with either brand so I looked them up and both pieces are current and on their websites to purchase right now.  The tank is listed at $42 and does not have a bra lining--it's just the tank.  The capris are listed at $48 dollars.  I was a little disappointed that the total is below the $140 value that they advertise on PV Body, but I did only spend $32 so I do feel that each piece is worth at least $16, so it's not a total rip off. 

According to their FAQ page, I am able to return the whole set if I wish or switch out for a different size.  You are not able to keep just one piece of the set and return the other.  I will likely change out the capris for the Large unless my daughter likes them and wants to keep them.  I do think they will be too small for me.

The material of both is very soft and I do love that.  I also love how both pieces were made in the USA.  I'm not sure if that will be true of all the gear that they send out, but it was of these two pieces.   The colors of each aren't something that I'd wear together but I would wear separately.  And I did choose bold colors or black and white for my preference.  These are definitely bold!

Overall, I'm happy with my first round of fitness apparel from PV Body and will give them another month or two before I decide if it's worth the monthly fee.  According to their website, I can cancel at any time or just suspend for a month or two.  I would like to see if I get higher valued items in other shipments or if they just send stuff on the lower end.  If it is more like a $90 value, then that is what they should advertise.  This shipment is a full $50 less than what they are promoting.  But as I said, still worth the $32 I spent.

If you want the 20% off you can trying snagging it from my facebook page.  Somehow, I can't get the link to work here.  But I shared the coupon there.

Have you tried PV Body or another site like it?

I'd love to see what you got--send me a tweet or email with your goods.


Running With The Girls said...

LOVE it!

Teamarcia said...

Mine didn't arrive today either. I'm getting bummed as it's been 2 weeks. I'm also anticipating whatever bottom I get to be small as that seems to be the trend.
How long did you wait for your order?

Katie said...

I ordered too. I was pleased with both of my pieces, but not sure I will do it again.