Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas in Dream World

Lots of folks are posting their wish list for Christmas.  It has items like new running sneakers, a Garmin,  race fees paid etc.  That's all fine a good but two somebodies somewhere get to split 500 million dollars from the Powerball lottery.  That's a lot of freakin' cash.  So just in case those somebodies are looking for a someone to waste their cash on, I'm going to have a list ready.  Here's my Christmas list in Dream World.

1.  This tri bike-- Quintana Roo CD0.1 Ultegra

On sale!  Right now for only $2800!  What a steal!  Sooo pretty in pink.

2.  Endless Pool--starts at $20K.  Why not dream big?

Who wouldn't want to swim endlessly right in the comfort of their own home?  How else am I going to get better?

3.  Waterproof Ipod Nano
So cute!  So practical! Only $375!  It's a bargain!  Waterproof though.  Brilliant!  To be worn while using the Endless Pool.  Or in your Half Marathon that rains the entire time.

4.  Vendetta Fullsuit Wetsuit by Xterra for $800.

I would like it to look like that when I'm wearing it as well.  The website says, "If you are an average swimmer, the Vendetta will make you great!".  Yes, please.

5.  I would also like this sleep number bed please.

A split king is only $5700.  I'm not sure what a split king is but it was more expensive than the california king so it must be bigger and better in some way.   My current bed is like a bowling alley in that there are two gullies where we each sleep and a large hump in the middle.  Cheap ass bed.

6.  Oh, and as long as we are dreaming big, I need a new one of these:
2013 Honda Odyssey.  Loaded please.  The touring elite version is a mere $43K.  But I will get every penny's worth out of that.  My current Odyssey is 7.5 years old and is 2000 miles short of 200,000.  I drive the shit out of it.

7.  Season tickets to the Boston Celtics!  Courtside or a suite preferred.  It looks like those sell for around $500 a ticket on the ticket sales sites and I'll need 6.

8.  Iphone 5.  I want an iPhone so badly.  Please someone get me out of this dreadful contract with US Cellular so I can switch to Verizon and get an iPhone.  And join the civilized world.  It's a small price to pay at $1000.  It's less than the bike!

9.  OMG yes PLEASE!  A training camp in Kona with Lance Armstrong, Chrissy Wellington, Craig Alexander, Dave Scott, Greg Welch and Jimmy Riccitello.  $25,000 AND the proceeds go to Juvenile Diabetes Research?  Win win!  I don't care if he's a cheat.  He still knows how to bike!

10.  And after all that training with my new gear and friends ^^^^, I'll need a vacation to Australia.   We'll just round that up to $15,000.  That way I'll be sure to have enough money to do all the things I want to do.  Visit my friend who lives there, Great Barrier Reef, Nemo--you know, all the usual down under activities.

And that, my friends, is my Christmas list in dream world.


Kara said...

A dream christmas list is a fun idea! I would have a loaded minivan on my list too, I really am living the dream haha

Teamarcia said...

It's always good to dream big right? That bike is schweeeet!

Tough Chik said...

I was right these with you until I got to the mini van. Come on Michelle, DREAM BIG! LOL Great post, love it, might steal it!

Carrie said...

Love it!

Running With The Girls said...

Big dreams for sure. Hmm....what would I want? A closet full of Mizunos? ;)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Way to dream big!

Christi said...

This is a great list!

..:danielle:.. said...

first of all, you make me laugh on a daily basis i think. a MINI VAN?! come on! haha... although i agree they are comfortable (i have driven a few before), ty and i have vowed NEVER to get one. although if we have one more kid... and get another dog...
haha. anyway...your xmas list seems very reasonable, hope santa knows youve been good this year ;) and we have a california king sleep bed ever.

Stasha said...

Completely reasonable!!