Monday, June 3, 2013

April and May Review

Somehow I missed my April recap so I'm combing it with my May recap.  I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting and waiting for this.  So here goes.

Run Miles:

    April 41.55
    May 43.2

Pretty similar mileage.  I just don't know how you guys manage to log 100+ mile months.  I can't even begin to imagine where I would tack on the other miles to get that high.  Maybe if I quit the other stuff like tennis and biking.  Or my job. 


    April 4000 yds
    May 7500 yds

April was the month of vacation and I didn't have access to a pool, thus the swim mileage dropped a bit.  Bringing it back in May though.  I really have to get my swim in on my Friday half day otherwise it just doesn't get done.  And now the pool is closed on Sundays for the summer so there is one less day to try to get a swim in.  ugh.  If only I could get my ass out of bed at 5....

That would require me getting my ass to bed before 10 though, wouldn't it?


    April 85 minutes
    May 275 minutes

I've got my bike on the road now and it's so much nicer to ride outside than use the boring spin bike.  I had my bike tuned and adjusted so the seat is better but now my neck is sore from holding my head up.  I think I need to have my handlebars moved up some.  One more tweak and I should be perfect.  I'm really enjoying the biking outside and am looking forward to my 50 mile ride in July.  I hope the weather is good.   Nothing worse than biking in the rain..

    April 6 hours
    May 6 hours

Tennis is looking to be over here pretty soon as the pro who teaches class goes away for the summer to do tennis camp at the local college.  So that opens up two hours a week for more running/biking to get ready for this 70.3 I have on my schedule. 

    April 10 minutes (ummm embarrassing..)
    May 60 minutes

Music I Love Lately:
    I am loving Fall Out Boy still, even though it is starting to get a little overplayed.  Cruise by Florida Georgia Line with Nelly--I don't really love the original country version-- and I Love It by Icona Pop. 

Music I Hate:
    I cannot tell you how much I hate Stay by Rhianna and the more I hate it, the more the radio stations seem to play it.  Same with that song by Pink and the guy from Fun.  OMG.  Seriously.  Stop playing that song. 

Things I Love Lately:
    I am loving Biscoff, longer days, hotter days, random days off, double workout days and my newish car.  This recipe for sweet potato, arugula and tomato salad was *awesome*.  Who knew I actually liked sweet potato??  I had it at a friend's house during a birthday get together.  So so good.  And no oil in the dressing!

Things I Hate:
    Exhibit A--
Super duper close up and not very clear but can you see those pimples under my arm?  WTF.  Both armpits have them but I am not flexible enough to get a picture of both.  Anyone else suffer from armpit acne?  Shaving is a real treat.

Dog hair.  OMG the dog hair.  I could vacuum every. single. day. and not get all the dog hair off my floor.  Why must they shed?  Why?  Why don't I own a hairless dog?  Why? 

My computer that won't sent emails, but can still receive them, and for some reason I can no longer copy and paste pictures that I didn't take with my camera.  Every time I try to post a picture that's on  my computer, it shuts down and says 'windows is looking for a solution'.  Fucking hate windows.  Can't I just switch it all over to Apple products?  Please?  And then I'm too stupid to know how to fix it.  Pity how pathetic I am.

Current Books:
    Just finished The Good American by Alex George.  I liked it.  More historical fiction.  I'm now reading (or trying to read) some book I can't remember the name of but it's weird and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish it.   I really need some good books to read.  Any suggestions?

What are you reading?  Do share.  But not if it's some stupid Danielle Steele crap.

Have you ever tried something you hated as a kid only to find that you actually like it? 


..:danielle:.. said...

when you have nothing else to do but sit around feeding a needy 2 week old, i expect something to read. so lets get better at this, shall we? ;) you should def quit your job and we can just run all the time, perfect plan. FOB and Cruise are two of my faves right now. im going to forget you wrote anything about "i love it", despite that being my favorite saying. (seriously?! are you a 12 year old girl?? hehe)
dog hair sucks.

Teamarcia said...

I would not touch a sweet potato as a kid but now I love them. Wish I could say the same for brussels sprouts and olives.
Agree with you on those hate songs. Ugh!!! Stop!