Monday, November 18, 2013

Why I Love My Home Town--Revisiting Monday Listicles

Good gosh I haven't done Monday Listicles in such a long time, I had almost forgotten about it.   I'm still trying to get back into the blogging mode and truthfully, I'm just not that exciting that I have much to talk about, so thankfully, Northwest Mommy gives me the topic.  Phew. 

10 Things I Love About My Town

1.  Let's go with the obvious:

People come from all over the world to look at the views I get to see everyday.

2.  The YMCA is fantastic.  We have a brand new pool, a large field house and almost every activity offered that you could want to do.  Living in a cold environment 6 months out of the year, we are so lucky to have a place to go to exercise and be involved with the community.

3.  Beautiful trails to run and walk on for people and dogs.  No fees.

4.  I am able to practice optometry to the fullest.  Primary care doctors come to me for care and send patients to us for care.  WE are the go-to eye doctors in our area.   It's a good feeling to know that the medical community trusts you and thinks you do good work.

5.  Small town 9 months out of the year with 3 months of summertime craziness.  I love the small town (most of the time).  I love that my kids don't have to be a super star to play sports here. even though they are.   Our school is so small that if the majority didn't play more than 1 sport, we would not likely be able to field teams year round.  (small school = 250 in high school grades 9-12)

Small town also means that everyone knows who you are, who your kids are and most of your business.  Good and bad.  So far, mostly good.

6.  The high school kids are so used to being around the younger kids (they ride the same bus, take band at the elementary school etc) that they are often mentors for them.  The teens in our area are unusually (at least in my experience) kind and caring to the younger kids.  They volunteer to be coaches, reading buddies, and helpers at the Y.   Which brings me to my next reason:

7.  When kids grow up doing things in #6, they end up doing things like this as a senior.  Read about it HERE.  You might have tears.

8.  I get to eat this year round and it's no big deal.

we do cook it first

9.  My commute is 20 minutes, but I live 16 miles away from work.  No 30 minute commutes for 3 miles.  No stoplights.  No traffic.  No highways.  Just trees and ocean.  No Wal-Marts, Targets or any big box stores for 20 miles.

10.  I am 2-3 hours away from everything you could want.  Skiing?  1.5 hour drive.  Beach? 10 minutes.  Lake beach? 30 minutes.  Mountains to climb? 30 minutes.  Big ass mountain to climb? 2.5 hours.  Boston?  3 hours.  Best foodie restaurants?  1 hour.  Outlet shopping? 40 minutes.  Visiting a former President? 40 minutes.  Hunting?  backyard. Boating, fishing? 10 minutes.   You name it, we are close enough to drive to it.

I guess Maine and specifically, Boothbay Harbor, is indeed the way life should be.


Catherine said...

Sounds beaut. I love it when people sing the praises of where they live. Home is where the heart is :)

Bianca @ Track Pants and a Tot said...

Sounds like my kind of place! The pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Phoebe Wulliman Graber said...

Never been to Maine (yet!), but it looks and sounds like an amazing place to live!

Becka said...

Sure looks pretty!