Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools/emz/road ID win

Just a short bloggy blog before I head out into the storm of death to head home from a most productive day of seeing two patients at work.  In case you didn't remember from my previous blog, or you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where it's actually spring, here in Maine we are receiving a not-so-funny April Fools joke from Mother Nature.  Its called 8-10" of snow.   Yah, ha frickin' ha, Mother Nature.  (bitch)

Anyhoo--on to happier things.  First, I received my EMZ t-shirt in the mail the other day.  So exciting!  For those in the non-running-bloggy world, EMZ is a crazy runner who is running for 24 hours straight to raise money for the Sojourner Center, a domestic violence shelter.  Yay, EMZ!  Make a donation and you can have a crazy-cool t-shirt as well!
Back view:
(It says "you've. freaking. got. this".)
Ok, I'm cool.  I know it.  :)

Second cool thing today that is offsetting the shitty weather is the Road ID giveaway on milesmusclesmom blog--which I won!  Woot!  I was waiting to see if I won before buying one and yay!  I did!  Thanks Lola, for grabbing my name.  (gummy bears will be waiting for you on Sunday..... )  haha

So I guess the Nor'easter Tri was appropriately named as we enjoy a Nor'easter two days before the race.  Last post here before this race.  Next time you hear from me, I will be a triathlete! :D  (Assuming I don't crash and burn on the bike from all the snow/ice/sand that will be on the road now.)

Have a great weekend!


Christi said...

Great t-shirt! Have a great race and be safe!

Unknown said...

I have the original version of the RUN EMZ shirt (no YFGT on the back)
Wear yours Sunday and we can take pics to send her!! :D

Congrats on winning--sadly, Lola will not be there Sunday, she will be going on a play date with Daddy to Joker's while Mommy races. I will, however be more than happy to deliver said gummy bears :) she will love you forever!!

Good news-the snow has turned to rain now (2pm) and hopefully this mess will be gone before Sunday.
See ya soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you all of the luck on the tri. Incidently, you have inspired me...I plan to LEARN to swim so I can then train for a triathalon too!
The shirt rocks, btw.