Monday, April 18, 2011

Grand Canyon West

Ok, so still no luggage.  So bear with me if I look like I'm wearing the same clothes in every picture.  Because I AM wearing the same clothes in every picture.  It's become a joke now.  "Hey, Mom!  What are you wearing today? Oh, the blue jean shorts again?"  hahaha.  very funny.

So we leave Vegas to head to Grand Canyon West.  This is where the Skywalk is, in case you didn't figure it out from my previous picture.  GCW is kinda out of the way but is most definately worth the ride.  I enjoyed it much more than the South Rim, where everybody and their brother were.  We drive for what seems like forever on this road that is paved, not paved and then paved again.  We finally arrive at the Ranch where we are staying for the night and we all kinda feel like we just showed up in Podunk.  It is a ranch.  With horses and poop and all that goes with a ranch.  Right there.  Not exactly what we were expecting.  A little more, say, on the rustic side?  Anyhoo, we take a few minutes to decide if we want to stay there.  It is a tiny room with bunk beds and no tv!  Oh, the horrors of no tv for one whole night!  What will we do??  Here's a couple of shots of the ranch area.

So we are supposed to sleep here in a cabin.  We'll see....  So we decide to head off to the Skywalk that night in case we want to leave and sleep in a chain hotel in Kingman. 

The Skywalk was AWESOME!!  You aren't allowed to take cameras or anything with you on the Skywalk as they want to make as much money as possible selling  you pictures it will scratch or damage the glass.  It is just amazing how you can walk and see right down below you.  It is so deep.  It's pretty scary at first but then it is just beautiful.  Here are a few photos of what you see on the Skywalk:

I love that last photo!  hee hee

There are no railings or anything on the cliffs edge outside the Skywalk building to keep you from plummeting to your death.  It is a little scary with a 5 year old boy that runs and jumps everywhere he goes.  But somehow, we managed to keep him from becoming vulture food at the bottom of the canyon.  Here are some more awe-inspiring photos that we got.

Can you see the eagle shape that the rock formation makes in the top photo?  We decided that we loved this place and the Hualapai Indians that own this land and we chose to stay in the rustic cabin.  It was a great choice.  The dinner was included and was pretty good.  We went to bed early and got up early to see a beautiful sunrise.  Breakfast was also included as was lunch!  Not a bad deal, really.  The people there were just so nice and really went out of their way to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. 

There is one more place at GCW that you must see while you are there--Guano Point.  It is another stop on the bus route.  Guano Point was just unbelievable.  You have almost a 360 deg view of the canyon and you can see three states.  Again, no railings or anything to keep you from pushing your spouse to his rocky death falling.  Very scary but very natural and real.  One last photo or two to share.

Not sure what's up with my shirt in the photos--it really is just a blue and white striped shirt.  Where the psychedelic pattern came from, I don't know. 

I must sound like a travel agent by now, but I really, really loved Grand Canyon West.  The Hualapai Indians were sooo nice and the area is just like nothing I have ever seen.  I really won't have much to say about tourist trap Grand Canyon North Rim.  If you have to pick one to see, go to GCW for sure.  It's nothing short of amazing.

To be continued....

Oh yah--no exercise yet on this trip other than the walking to get to and from.  Remember?  I don't have any clothes because of my lost luggage...... 


Bobbi said...

Great post and pics Michelle! NOW I WANT TO GOOOoooOOOOooo!!!!

Bobbi said...

And don't stress about the "lack" of'll probably run your fastest 5k ever this weekend....

Christi said...

Great vacation! I am terrified of heights so I think I will enjoy the GC through your photos!