Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giveaway! Wicked Good Stuff!

Ok, here it is.  I'm having my first giveaway on my blog.  And it is a good one.  I  promise.  I have gotten a voucher for FREE Xperio with Crizal SunShield Lenses.  For those of you in the non-optical world these are the cream-of-the-crop Polarized lenses with non-glare coating.  With your prescription!  These can be single vision or progressive lenses!  You don't even understand what the value this coupon is.  These lenses retail in my office for $150-360 depending on your prescription!  And I am giving one away for FREE!!!  Thank you to my Essilor reps for donating the coupon!

If you are someone who spends any time outdoors, you already know how important it is to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage, but do you ever think about how important it is to protect your eyes from UV damage?  UV damage to your eyes can lead to macular degeneration, cataract formation, and even wrinkles. 

I'm sure most of you have some kind of sunglasses that you wear but those big box or drug store sunglasses are not what you need.  If you have never tried a polarized lens, then you need to visit your eye doctor for a demonstration or go to xperio and do the virtual demo.  I do not have any prescription for distance vision and I definately see much clearer with my Xperio polarized lenses.  Glare is virtually eliminated.  Xperio lenses block 100% UVA/UVA rays, reducing potential vision damage. 

If you happen to be the winner of this most excellent coupon, you can redeem it in a couple of ways.  You can have my office fill the prescription by sending me a copy of your Rx and the frame you would like to put the lenses in or you can take the coupon to your independent eye doctor and redeem it there.  You will need to go to an independent eye doctor and not a big box as these lenses are only available at your independent eye doctor.  They are not sold to any big box chains.  Please, please, please make sure that if you win this coupon, that you redeem it.  Please.  My rep has limited coupons to give out and needs to make sure that they are used.

Here's the important stuff--how to enter:

1.  You must follow my blog.
2.  You must 'like' my office on FB and make a comment about the giveaway/Xperio lenses.  Go here
3.  You must go to xperio and then tell me two benefits of Xperio Polarized Lenses.
You must do all 3 above for 1 entry.

Additional entries:
1.  Take the xperio demo test above and tell me which test you took. +1
2.  Post my giveaway on FB. +1
3.  Post my giveaway on your blog. +1
4.  Get a friend to follow my blog and enter.  +1 for each friend (they need to tell me who referred them)

I will take entries until 5/28/11.  You have just about 1 month to get all the entries you can.  Good luck!


Christi said...

Yay, I am so glad that my hints helped!

Unknown said...

1-I already follow you
2-I liked McCormick & Bouchard on FB
3-glare reduction & true color perception

:) yay--there is my entry!!
I actually have one eye that is "normal" and one eye that needs correction (near sighted) and I broke my corrective sunglasses last year. I would REALLY like to win these and yes, I would use it!

Unknown said...

linking on my blog

Unknown said...

I took 2 tests-driving and the mountains

Unknown said...

Shared on FB--I hope this will bring some new followers your way too Michelle!!

Christi said...

Okay, I am entering your contest.
1. I am a follower of your blog.
2. I liked your office on Facebook!
3. Xperio lenses are better than other brands because they have superior scratch resistance and they have true color perception.

Christi said...

I shared your give-away on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Here goes...

1. already did
2. already did
3. Xperio provides 100% UVA/UVB protection and true color perception.
4. Shared giveaway on fb.


Bobbi said...

Whoops! That was ME above, not Josh! hahaha

chris mcpeake said...

facebook done
UVA protection , glare reduction

Unknown said...

1. New blog follower
2. Already liked your business and still do.
3. Shared on fb
4. Xperio provides true color protection and glare reduction....which are vitally important to me. :)
5. Took the car and scenic demo.

Unknown said...

Bobbi made me do it :)

Bobbi said...

I forgot to say I took the car and scenic demos too!

Tough Chik said...

I follow you :)

Tough Chik said...

2. Liked your biz on FB
3. glare reduction and true color perception