Saturday, April 14, 2012

a few thoughts

1.  In the airport in ATL there were these trash cans.  Looked like a regular trash can but these ones were plugged in.  Why in the world would the trash can need to be plugged in?  Well, so when you push the door to throw your trash away, the door would close slowly and automatically.  Like the swinging trash can door was not good enough.  Stupid and a waste of electricity, IMO.

2.  Pensacola is the easiest and most user friendly airport I have been in.  It's small so there is no shuttle to your bags or your rental car.  One short driveway and you are right onto the main road.   We had our bags, car and on the road in about 20 minutes after landing.  That was awesome.  Oh, and no lost bags either.

3.  Y'all means you, as in one person.  Y'all want a soda?  All y'all means everyone in your group.  All y'all ready to order?  An important distinction to learn.

4.  If you are going somewhere or getting ready to do something you are fixin' to do it.  I'm fixin' to head to the beach.  Y'all want to go?  See how good I am at this already?

5.  I am seriously wondering if it might be possible to move here.  There would be so many things to do first, but there are so many opportunities for our family and kids that Maine does not offer.   One of the first things Princess said was, "can we move here?"  Well, I don't know.  Can we?  Something to think about.  Would my job be as good or better down here?  or worse?  Food for thought.  You always wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else.

6.  Eating out is not fast around here.  Mind you, we did have a party of 8 and it was Saturday night and it was 6:30, but we didn't leave the restaurant until 9!  A little different than the hurry-the-hell-up-and-eat-and-get-the-hell-out-dining of New England.

7.  Gumbo = spicy beef stew with shrimp.  This was not what I was expecting.  Crawfish = spicy, yummy goodness.  This is totally what I was expecting.

8.  I have an accent.  Right.  Cause I was thinking y'all had the accent.

9.  I backed into a van today at the beach.  Totally did not see it at all.  Not at all.  I am seriously beginning to doubt my abilities to back up.  Thankfully, the guy was a super-cool surfer guy with a country-boy accent and was like, "I'm fine if y'all are fine".  (There's that word again.)  I was completely fine.  We laughed, shook hands and left.  Phew.

10.  Alabama has completely surprised me with how much I like it here.

I thought gumbo was a tomato based stew.... ever had gumbo?

Y'all ever think about just picking up and moving somewhere completely different?  
Scary or awesome?


Carla Pierce said...

What are all y'all fixing to do today? Hope you got a run in!!!

Terzah said...

I love gumbo!

And I often think about picking up and moving somewhere (before I had kids I actually did it a couple of times).

I do think you would miss Maine.

Lisa said...

We had similar learning experiences when we visited family in TN. Lots of "you bet" and I got the nickname "lil bit" cuz of my height/petiteness. When we visited the Peabody Hotel and pronounced it PEE-BIDY instead of PEE-BAWDY, we were definitely the ones with accents.

That Pink Girl said...

Nice use of fixin to! Here's another, although this ,ight be specific to Texas.
Usetacould As in, "You usetacould throw yer trash away without havin' to,plug in yer trash can." :0)

Christi said...

I love gumbo! I'm jealous that all y'all are having such a good time. I'm fixin' to see if my family can make it down south again!