Tuesday, April 17, 2012

more vacation thoughts

1.  The more expensive the hotel, the more shit they charge you for.  For example, if you stay at a Comfort Inn for the whopping price of $70/night you get a comfortable king sized bed and pull out couch for the kids.  You also get 2 HDTV's, wifi and a free breakfast.   Not bad.

If you stay at the Sandestin Hilton, for $250/night you get a king sized bed, bunk beds AND a pull out couch.  Pretty good.

You also get to pay $32 for wifi for a week on 4 devices and $18/person for buffet breakfast.  Not good.

If I wasn't here for a conference, we would be staying at the Comfort or Holiday Inn.

2.  We had one of the best meals we have ever had tonight at AJ's.  It was a bucket of seafood for $90. $90 bucks, you say?  Sounds like an expensive meal, right?  Well, it was worth every penny we paid.
Can you say too many crab legs??

This bucket had corn, potatoes, two different types of crab legs, mussels, clams and shrimp.  We ordered a strip steak meal too just in case it wasn't enough food for our hoggish family.

I was sure hoping that it was going to be good because $90 is a hell of a lot of money to spend on a meal that sucks.

It didn't suck.

In fact, this would make a great Man vs. Food show.  I just might notify the Travel Channel to let them know what they are missing out on.  Good stuff.

3.  For those of you with families, do you ever notice that when you go on vacation there is always that kid or kids that seem to follow your family and want to always talk or play with your kids?  Even if your kids don't want to play with them?  Maybe it's just our family, but we always seem to have one kid that is never with their family but mooches in on ours.  Like if we are playing with our boogie boards, the kid comes right up to us (like he's our cousin) and asks to borrow our board to try.

Now this makes me sound like a mean old bitchy bitch, but really kid, we kinda just want to hang out with our family and we bought our boogie board so we could use it, not to share with you.  Go get your own freakin' board.   Now if we were at home, at a free beach, I might feel bad and make them share with you.  But we are staying at a $250/night hotel--go get your own freakin' board!  Are you going to share your pizza with me?? Not likely.

4.  Krispy Kremes really do rock.  There is nothing like a hot, just-glazed donut.  Especially after a really expensive pot full-o-crab dinner.  Good thing I ran this morning.....

Ever paid a lot for a dinner that was totally worth it?  

Do you embrace the mooching kid or not?


Anonymous said...

Seriously? The only place we ever see the mooching kid is at my in laws because ONCE my father in law was dumb enough to give the kid something. Now when we arrive she is lurking...No embracing here. My child hides from her!

Too much for a meal? Lots. If it's a great meal it's never too much! :-) Still, I"m thinking I might mooch off your family...:-)

Carla Pierce said...

So glad you found AJs. Everyone from here, who goes there rvaes about it. I haven't been but NOW I will make sure to get there! Have fun on the Deep Sea Fishing Boat today!

Christi said...

Mmmm.... the food sounds so good!

That Pink Girl said...

Why is that? Why do the cheapo hotels have free wifi and the really pricey ones charge...and a lot?!?!