Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Times have been funktastic here.  I have been in an exercise funk for the past two weeks.  Vacation did a number on me and I really wasn't able to do much of anything while away.  I did get to the elliptical for 20 minutes while the kids swam once and I did a 4.5 mile run and 15 min spin one morning but that was it.  Lame-o.  All that nice weather and I squandered it by not running more. 
Surprisingly, I don't seem to have gained much weight.  I have not been on a scale so I cannot confirm that, but my clothes fit the same and I feel like I look the same.

Yesterday was to be the day of redemption.  A day of making up for the past 10 days.  A day to get back on track.
The gods were against me once again.  Somehow, I ended up seeing two emergency patients right through my lunch and where I usually get out for lunch around 11:45, I wasn't done until 12:45.  So much for spin and tennis.  That wasn't happening.  At least they were interesting cases--two completely different problems, neither of which I have seen in real life.  Only in textbooks. 
Welcome back from vacation!  Two challenging cases and NO lunch for you!  Yah.

Oh, and I lost two followers yesterday.  Sadness.  I don't even know these people but I'm sad they don't want to hear about my boring life anymore.  Which is weird that I feel that way because I didn't start writing this blog to entertain other people.  Although it does make me feel good (and surprised) that people are entertained by my babble. 

On a happier note, it is bright and sunny today!  And I am going to the gym at noon come hell or high water.  And May 1 is next week.  A new month = a new start. 

In a funk lately?

Are you looking forward to a new month with a new start?


Christi said...

I go through funks all the time. You will get past it in no time!

Christi said...
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Terzah said...

I have stopped looking at my followers. For a while I obsessed about it, but then I realized all it did was bring me down. Also, it wasn't the reason I started the blog. I absolutely recommend not worrying about it.

Funks pass! Work stuff happens. You'll be back soon!

That Pink Girl said...

Funks just pop up every now and then. It will pass, promise! Take this opportunity to try something new - maybe an exercise class or a new trail!