Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I can't believe we are leaving for vacation next week!  Wow, has that time gone by so quickly!  Easter, basketball, taxes and all that is making me stressed out--I have so much to do and so little time to do it.  We are flying into Pensacola and the driving to meet friends in Alabama for a night.  Then all of us are heading to New Orleans for a couple of nights.  We've never been there, so we are really excited to see that famous city.  I'm particularly excited to eat my way through the city.  Shrimp, gumbo, beignets (what are those anyway??), bbq, and all things seafood!  My friend from AL is also a runner, so hopefully, we can get a run or two in as well.  We'll have the kiddos with us so there will be no drunkeness, bar-hopping, boob showing and bead grabbing.  That will have to wait for another trip.

After a short visit to New Orleans, we will head back to FL and the remainder of our stay will be in Destin.  I have a conference there later in the week. 

Conference + Florida = tax deductible vacation!  woot!

2.  I suck at being the easter bunny.  I had just about 90 minutes of spare time yesterday in between Princess' dance classes to get EB stuff.  Why am I always so last minute about this stuff???  I make myself crazy.   Sissy came along with me, thank goodness for the help!  Of course, she wanted to shop, shop, shop for our trip next week!  We ended up getting a few cute clothes for everyone to put in the basket but also to wear in FL, candy and grass for the baskets we already have at home.  Now to remember to hide the damn things on Saturday night......  

BTW--the Tooth Fairy is a forgetful bitch at our house too.

3.  I got a Groupon ad in my email this morning for a Personalized Stuffed Animal.

This is not exactly what I had in mind when I read the ad.

Holy creepy!  Who the heck would ever want a creepy, freakin' voodoo-doll-looking replica of themselves?  Or anyone else??  Two wacko fools have actually bought one.  That is one groupon I won't be taking advantage of.

Any plans for spring vacation?

What does the Easter Bunny do at your house?  I hope he's better organized than mine is...

Do you want a stuffed head of yourself?


Rachel said...

Those dolls may be the creepiest thing I have ever seen! Who would order that????

Christi said...

Beignets are like donuts and they freakin' rock. You will love them! I love NO so have a great time!