Friday, April 27, 2012

Questions for You!

Since I have no races to speak of coming up and no real training going on (see previous funk post), I'm going to pose a few questions to you to see what you all think.  (or all y'all, if I were still in the south..).

1.  Does a breakfast of quinoa and fish covered in cream of chicken soup negate the nutritional value of the quinoa?  I just think quinoa plain is the most blah thing ever.  Plus it's hard to chew.

2.  Would you rather drive a car that rattles like you are ghetto-tastic as it idles but otherwise drives fine and you own outright, or purchase a used car that doesn't rattle but will give you a car payment?

3.  Softball or tennis?  For me, tennis all the way.  I suck at softball.

4.  Ever notice how sometimes you pee fast and other days you pee slow?  What is that all about anyway?

5.  We have Cold Stone Creamery around here and it is just delicious.  If you haven't been there, basically, it's really fatty ice cream in yummy flavors that they scoop out onto a cold stone surface to mix-in your toppings.  When we went to Florida for our vacation, we saw another chain called Marble Slab Creamery.  We went, of course--it is ice cream!, and found it was like a cheap knock-off of Cold Stone. 

Upon further investigation (read: wikipedia), I found that, in fact, Marble Stone Creamery is the original.  It was founded in 1986 and that Cold Stone is the knock-off founded in 1988. 

Whatever.  Cold Stone does it better and Marble Slab sounds like a two-bit copy cat. 

Cold Stone or Marble Slab?

6.  Bald-ish heads on little boys or not?  I always equate bald-ish little boys haircuts with concentration camps or cancer.  So I really don't care for it when my husband wants to cut off all of Manimal's hair.  Of course, Manimal wants his hair cut off too, so I'm just shit out of luck.  Here's the result:
I'm sorry, but this kid is still freakin' cute.  Even with a bald head.

Boys with hair or crew cuts?

That's all for now, folks!  I hope you have a great weekend!!


Christi said...

I like softball and tennis.

Noisy car but I am broke!

Quinoa is not tasty.

Never noticed the pee thing but I do wonder sometimes if it will ever stop!

I have only ever had Cold Stone.

Bald little boys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

1. Value is still there but more calories are added

2. Noisy car

3. never noticed

4. Neither!

5. Cold Stone

6. your kid looks cute with his cut. Mine looks like he has cancer when he's bald. Some kids can pull it off and some cant'.

Unknown said...

From what I understand, quinoa is less nutritious than a potato...I usually just go with sweet potato over the quinoa, same glycemic load, more minerals.

Running With The Girls said...

1. Have you tried quinoa w/ almond milk, craisins, sunflower seeds w/ a bit of maple syrup? Almost like oatmeal to me. :)

2. Old clonker for sure. I hate payments.

3. softball, I guess.

4. I pee fast all of the time - teacher in me, I guess!

5. Cold Stone only because I haven't been to Marble Stone. Ha!

6. I love crew cuts on boys! Hated it when Tucker wanted to grow his hair out. Now it's short again and I'm happy again.

Sarah G said...

#4 yes! Somedays it's like I'm peering thru a mcd's straw and other days a coffee stir straw. Annoying

Terzah said...

1. I kinda like quinoa, but yeah it can be pretty bland if you don't put other tasty things on it.

2. We have an old car like that. We will drive it until it's dead.

3. I like to watch both, but stink at playing both.

4. I don't get this either!!

5. There was a Marble Slab in Houston when I was in college and it was good. But it's been too long for me to compare. We have a Cold Stone now and I'm just fine with it.

6. I like little boys (and men) with hair that's short but not too short. Bald isn't my thing either.

Anonymous said...

I associate bald little boys with those cute little Buddhist monks, rather than cancer or jail.