Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kid's race and a pisser of an accident

This past weekend was the second anniversary of my very first 5k.  It seemed to come early in the month this year but I guess that's because it's the weekend before Mother's Day weekend.  Of course, we had basketball and there was the Polar Bear Tri that I got a wait-list entry into all on the same day.  So I didn't sign up for the 5K--if I were going to do any race, it was going to be the Tri.  (I didn't end up signing up for that either because I didn't want to miss Sissy's basketball.) 

The kids usually do the kids run, which they call the Bunny Run, but I didn't sign them up either because of basketball.  We wouldn't have time to finish the race and get to basketball on time.  Later Friday, I received an email that pushed the basketball games an hour later.  Which gave us just enough time to do the Bunny Run and still make it to basketball on time.  Yay to our over-scheduled, over-achieving family!

The Bunny Run is just about a 1 mile race down the main road in Boothbay and back.  They block the street off for it and kids from ages 1-12 can run it.  Sissy ran the 5K last year but this year could only run in the Bunny Run because the adult race had a later start time. 

The race was short and sweet.  All three kids did great!  Sissy came in 2nd overall, winning her age group.  Manimal came in 7th overall, winning his age group and Princess came in 13th, taking 3rd in her age group.  Everyone came home with a trophy!  Princess had a little bit of stomach issues, as she ate a little too much breakfast, but despite wanting to puke halfway through, she kept running and had a great finish!

After the race and awards, we left immediately to head to basketball.  After basketball we left quickly again to head 2 hours north to pick fiddleheads.  See this post HERE if you don't know what I'm talking about. 

Fiddlehead picking went fine and we got quite a few.  Now for the 'pissy' part of the story. 
The drive home from where we were is about 3 hours.  We had stopped once to pick up a pie from truck stop that makes awesome pies and for a potty break.  After 12 hours away from home and 3 hours on the road after picking, we were just about 8 miles from our house and Manimal said he had to pee.  Mind you, we are in the truck and towing a trailer with a boat on it.  You can't just pull over on this road with this big truck and trailer.

Sometimes, when he has to pee, it means "I need to pee, but if you ignore me, I'll be fine until I get home".  Sometimes, it means, "I HAVE TO PEE NOW!".   Not sure which time this was, I told him that we were almost home and he could make it there.  Hubs was driving and basically told him the same thing. 

Well, just about 2 miles and 2 minutes later, (hubs is on the phone now), Manimal says he has to pee really bad.  Ok, this means now.  So, I tell the hubs (who is still on the phone) that he has to go now.  He doesn't answer me.  Either he didn't hear me or he ignored me--not sure which.  So what to do?  The truck is not stopping and Manimal has to pee.  I hand him my empty Mt. Dew bottle and tell him to pee in that.

He's 6 remember, not 13 so this is a ok solution to an immediate problem.  Yes, I realize that I am going to get mother of the year for this story.

Anyhoo, he starts peeing in the bottle and the girls think that this is absolutely hysterical.  They start laughing and so he starts laughing.  You can almost guess what happens next....

His laughing causes him to lose his aim in the bottle and he ends up with his garden-hose-like-pee-stream pointing directly at my husband.  Who immediately gets soaked with pee.  While driving.

Time stands still for moment---almost like in a cartoon--it looks like it's occurring in slow motion.  Picture a pee stream in a perfect arc coming from the backseat, directly landing on the driver. 

Yah,  really funny, I know.

Hubs--not laughing so much.

We are now 2 miles from home. 


That is all.  You are welcome for making you feel like you are parent of the year for never making your kid pee in a soda bottle.  Don't judge.  It could happen to you someday.....


Laima said...

Too funny...Our Munchkin is the same way (he's 5) - luckily we have diapers in the car for our 2 yo, so when Munchkin says he really has to go, we give him a diaper and usually he makes it home:)

Carrie said...

Hahaha! And I laugh because I have a similar story. I actually keep an empty bottle in the car for such's been used at least twice. By Zeke, not us...just in case you were wondering. ;-)

Running With The Girls said...

Now that's just awesome!!! I love it!