Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I had to bring WTF Wednesday back this week.  I had a few things that I've come across that really require a WTF.

1.  I hate insurance companies for more reasons than I care to go into right now but the latest annoying thing they are doing is to stop covering all prescription allergy eye drops.  Or at least the ones that are effective and easy to use.  For years they have paid for eye drops such as Patanol, Pataday, Bepreve and Lastacaft.  People have used these drops with great success to control their allergy symptoms. 

So now either people pay for them out of pocket ($100 ish) or are forced to try to find some other inadequate OTC drop. 

Oh, and you drug companies are just as much to blame too.  If you didn't charge such ridiculous amounts for said eye drops to begin with, maybe the insurance companies would continue to provide that as a benefit. 
This is all you can afford.  BTW it sucks.

You both get a WTF.

2.  Lululemon skirts.  Seriously.  What is the big hoopla about these skirts?  Are they made of gold?  Do they promise a BQ?   Because I cannot seem to find even one on ebay that is priced below $60.  And some of them were priced at $100!!  For a skirt.  On Ebay!  I wasn't looking to buy one, I actually wanted a Running Skirt skirt but all these Lululemon ones showed up on my search. 

I'm not sure who deserves the WTF, Lululemon or the women that buy them.
 C'mon.  You know you want this.  It's only $105.

3.  Bristol Palin has a reality tv show that will debut next week.  It is called, "Life's a Tripp" (haha, oh, you are so clever, Bristol...) and is about her life as a single mom.  Super.  I guess she's also describing herself as an activist against teen pregnancy.  Ooops!  That ship has sailed.

Yes, let's advocate for the prevention of teen pregnancy via a reality show that she got only because she is a teen parent.  And of course, we won't glamorize it...   Excellent message. 


Ever have any conflicts with insurance companies?

Do you own a Lululemon skirt? 

If so, what is wrong with you?  do you have a sugar daddy?  Independently weathly?  Trust fund?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Not sure I should admit it but I own 6 Lululemon skirts. I love and adore all of them, but I do wish they were cheaper. I have got two of them off ebay for less than 50 dollars, but you really have to watch. I tried wearing some of my non lulu skirts recently and decided I am going to get rid of them because they don't compare, the little shorties are the deciding factor for me, they really make it worth the price and the joy of not having the little shorties creep up and chafe while I run is PRICELESS, at least to me :)

Tough Chik said...

Wow, I don't even know if we have time for all of my insurance issues, but the biggest one was my ambulance ride to the ER. It was $2000 for 2 miles because the ambulance company was not covered. Like I was suppose to call while a bone is hanging out of my body to see if the ambulance was covered. WTF.

Don't tell anyone, but I don't run in skirts and I don't own any Lulu stuff, but I do hear it is great.

As for Bristol...I plea the 5th.

Taryn said...

Insurance totally sucks. I hate having to deal with them!

Terzah said...

I own nothing from Lululemon, despite the fact that there's one here in Boulder. Every time I walk by it I feel intimidated by all the healthy living slogans and the perky young girls working in there. Plus I can't stand all the hype and breathlessness surrounding it. Plus I look stupid in running skirts. :^)