Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm trying out twitter now.  Trying to figure it out, that is.  It might be more fun if I had some followers so go ahead and follow me.


Some of you I have already found on twitter, but if I'm not following you, let me know your name and I will.

Happy Friday!  Excellent day, not weather wise, but other wise.  Great 2000 yd. swim.  It is really getting so easy now.  I should probably try to go faster but I'm pretty pleased with 500 yds every 8-9 minutes.

Did I mention that I have a sprint tri next weekend?  No?  Well, I do.  I think I might kill it.  Really.

I'm looking forward to the 80 deg day that we have coming tomorrow.  6 mile run in the morning planned and then beach and fun with the family.  #ifreakinlovesummer  (see, I'm already good at this twitter thing...)

OH, and the long weekend!  What can I say about that?  Three Day Weekend.... I love you.

One last surprising good thing about today.  We didn't go out for dinner like usual, but there was some chaos and we just decided to eat at home.  What to eat.  What to eat.  I found those croissant roll things in a tube, chicken and had an idea.  I rolled out the rolls to be like a pizza dough.  Then put on BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken and red onion.  Voila!  Instant, free dinner!  In case you were wondering, it was delicious.

How's that for saving $100?  As I much as I love eating out, I wish we could do it without spending a benny every time.

Are you tweeting?  Am I the last to arrive at this party?

Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

How do you feed a family of 5 without spending $100 each time?

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