Thursday, May 17, 2012

three things thursday

1.  Sorry I've been away a bit--I really haven't had much to write about.  The crazy weekend of basketball and dance recitals went great.  Lots of driving and not much sleeping but Princess danced her routines beautifully and Sissy and the Maniacs went 4-0 at their last tournament.
Clearly, I am the Princess.

Tap costume!
4-0 baby!  of course, Manimal is right in the middle of the girls....

2.  I have a funny little story to share.  We came home one night to find and old man standing around on our private road.  (Like 80 years old, and our road is used only by the people who live here so it was really weird to see a stranger.)  My husband went and spoke to him and found out he used to own this property and was the one who sub-divided it into these lots.  They talked awhile and somehow it came up that he loves fiddleheads.  My husband promised to give him some.

A few days later Manimal and Sissy and I went for a walk with the dog to deliver the fiddleheads.  I knocked on his door.  Then knocked again.  It took him forever to answer to door (I think he didn't hear well).  I told him we were here to deliver the fiddleheads that my husband promised him.  He had no idea what I was talking about so I had to relay the story of him talking with my husband in our driveway the other day.  We chatted a little and then I said goodbye.

As we were walking down the road, Manimal looks at me and just as serious as anything he says, "I think he has short term memory loss".   To me, this was pretty freakin' funny coming from a 6 year old.  Where had he ever heard that??

Then he says like Dory mom!  Of course.  Like Dory.  Makes perfect sense.

3.  I'm pretty proud of myself right now and I sure hope this works out.  I was looking around for a field hockey camp for my girls to attend this summer and was disappointed to find that everything was at least an hour away and not at convenient times for us.  There is a group that brings a soccer camp to our town every summer and I wondered if I could get the field hockey group to do that.

So I wrote to them and asked.  And who knew!  They said yes!  Just like that.  It was just that simple.  I just have to secure the field and find a trainer to be there.  They will provide everything else.  I am so psyched!  They will be hosting a 3 day clinic right here in our home town for all ages and abilities.  No long drives necessary.  :)

So, if you know of a girl in the Midcoast region who likes field hockey, make sure she signs up for Cougar Field Hockey camp 7/27, 28 and 29.  It will be listed on their website in a week or two and I'll have flyers for those that are local.

Yay me!  I rock!