Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Review

It's that time again--time to review the previous month's exercise efforts.  Due to the longer days and the much improved weather, I did much better with exercise this past month.  Of course, living in Maine we have to pay the price for good weather and that price is shitty weather.  So as I sit here writing this blog, we are getting pounded with rain and I am considering building an ark....  I suppose I would get bored of 80 degrees day in and day out.  #onecanonlydream

Miles Run--49.2  That is up from 31.5 for April.  I guess if I'd have known that I was that close to 50 I probably would have squeaked out another mile.  Overall, a good month for running for me.

Spin Bike--305 minutes on spin bike.  That is just about double from last month.  I don't think that even includes a single class--it's all me, just spinning alone in the bike room.  Totally boring but I did mange to do a good job.

Swim--8000 yds.  I continue to be pretty consistent with swimming.  That puts me at 25.6 miles for the year and 38.1 miles since 11/1/11.  I still have quite a ways to go to make the 100 mile club, but I will do it!  Maybe I'll tack on another 500 yards per swim session this summer.....

Tennis--4 hours

Weight--50 minutes

Races--none.  There were not any races nearby that I wanted to do that didn't conflict with the kid's activities.  I have a few coming up in June so I can make up for it then.

Current Excitement--I'm still enjoying my new phone and the swype feature has solved the problem of the  'no keys' issue I was not liking.  If you don't have swype, then you are missing out.

Another exciting thing here in our household is that school is almost out for the summer.  The kids are staying home with a sitter (who drives) and that makes my life soooo much easier.  I cannot wait to get up and just worry about getting ME ready for work.  No packing lunches, backpacks, yelling for kids to get out of bed.  Ahh... bliss!  Just 10 more days.

Oohh!  I almost forgot!  I just won a pair of Aspareis compression shorts from Michelle at blogitness!  I cannot wait to try them out.  I was considering buying a pair, but it's so much better to try them without having to purchase them!  I'll let you know how I like them.

Current Music--I'm enjoying Payphone by Maroon 5, and despite that it is totally cheesy, I can't keep Call Me Maybe out of my head.

Current Books--I just bought two books at Target that looked interesting to me:  Dreams of Joy which is the sequel to Shanghai Girls (which I really enjoyed), and One Thousand White Women.  I've also joined an online book club hosted by Jen at Just a Mom Giving it A Tri.  Our first book is Karen Goucher's Running for Women.  It's on it's way from our online library system which is the coolest thing ever.  I don't know if all libraries offer this or not, but ours is hooked in with all others in Maine via Minerva.  You can go online and search for whatever book you want and if any of the libraries in the system have the book, you can request it and it will be sent to your local library for you to borrow!

In addition, my bloggy friend Terzah who is a librarian, has given me quite a few suggestions of books that I might enjoy.  It will take me awhile to get through all these books!

Current Bummer--today is a big bummer because of all the freakin' rain!  It has just been nonstop for two days now.  My sprint tri was postponed today because of all this rain and roads are flooded everywhere.  It just sucks.  I really hate rain more than anything.  Especially multiple days of it.  On a weekend.  ugh.

I hope June continues to be a good month for totals!  Have a great one!


Terzah said...

So proud of you that you are using your library system services!! So many people don't even know about them. (BTW, I saw that Kara Goucher book the other day and want to pick it up, too.)

Running With The Girls said...

Yay for increased miles! It would be so fun for you to do the RT 1/2!!!! Such a nice 1/2. & I'm so jealous of your win.