Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Baby

Manimal turns 7 today.  My youngest is 7.  This makes me feel a little bit old. 

fat?  who are you calling fat?  doesn't everyone have 6 chins?

I love this kid so much!  He is the sweetest boy ever.  He's smart, athletic, and handsome. 
Blue is the new black.

Ice traps?  It's what's for Christmas!

I love you, little man!


Running With The Girls said...

Awwwee - so adorable. Cannot believe your "baby" is 7!!! Happy birthday to the little guy.

Emz said...

i loved this.

hope you guys party it up tonight!!

Teamarcia said...

Awww happy birthday Little Man! July must be the month for sweet kids. Thing 2 turns 7 in a couple weeks. Time flies.

Stasha said...

happy Birthday to your sweet boy. 7 is my favorite number!