Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AC Battles

  • The air conditioner.  I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the air conditioner.  Not the one in the car, not the central air at work, but the stupid in-the-window kind that we have in our bedroom. 

    Every summer sometimes in June but always by July, we have some hot/humid enough weather that we drag the air conditioners out of the basement and put them in the windows.  (When I say we, I mean, my husband.  I don't do any such thing.  Laundry is bad enough.) We have two.  One for our bedroom and one for my oldest daughter's bedroom. 

    In our old house we actually had to remove the window pane (because it rolled out and not pushed up) to put the air conditioner in.  This meant that we were rocking the ghetto look with a lovely piece of tarp or cardboard covering the open window above the AC.  Yes, it's a great look.  I'm sure you will see it in Martha Stewart's Living magazine shortly.  In our newer house, we have normal windows so it goes in like regular.  At least that's one plus.

    Once that AC goes in the window, my husband, who is part polar bear, wants the damn thing to run 24/7.  All day everyday.  Whether we are home or not.  80 degrees or 60 degrees.  It doesn't matter. 

    I would rather just run it when we need it.  Like for sleeping.  That's it.  I'm mean really!  Otherwise, it's just a waste.  All the electricity being used to keep a room cool when we aren't even home all day.  It really just drives me insane.  Plus, I'm cheap and I hate the fact that my electric bill goes up $100 a month while using the AC. 

    So from now until October, we will battle.  My polar bear husband and I.  I turn it off.  He turns it on.  Even last night when it was actually cooler OUTSIDE than it was inside with the AC on.  We had lows in the upper 50's last night!  And of course, the stupid AC was on.  I swear he does it just to irritate me.

    Does anyone else have AC battles?  Strangely enough, we do not have the same battles with the heat in the winter.  We both agree on that.  63 degress and that's all you get.  Cold?  Put on a freakin' sweater or run up and down the stairs. 

  • Isn't this the cutest thing ever?  I love Angry Birds!  They aren't just for kids.

  • Are you an AC lover or hater?

    Angry Birds addict?


    Terzah said...

    I admit it. I'm an AC lover. This summer has been *bad.* We have a swamp cooler only (because in Colorado that's all you're supposed to need), but it just hasn't cut it this year. I would be OK with turning it off during the day if we could have a wall unit.

    When I met my husband, we took a romantic trip to Costa Rica and he wanted to leave the AC in our hotel room off so he could hear all the jungle creatures outside. It was SO humid and hot--I didn't think our relationship was going to survive that. Eventually, even he agreed it had to come on. And we lived happily ever after.

    Lisa said...

    AC hater here. In fact, I run my space heater at work most days (even in the dog days of summer) because my building thinks its home to polar bears.

    Nitsirk said...

    I also hate AC. Thankfully my husband is on board. Those few hot nights we put a fan in the window and sweat it out. We even have 3 window units that came with the house and we haven't used them in 3 years. We also set our thermostat at 63 in the winter. No argument about that either.