Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1.  I got this email yesterday:

Congratulations Michelle BOUCHARD. You have qualified for the 2012 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championship after finishing in the top 10 percent in your age group at the Bath Area Family YMCA Y-Tri Sprint Triathlon.
Bahahaha!  While this is super cool, it's also pretty funny.  Like I have an iceberg's chance in hell of placing at all.  I kinda wish it wasn't in VT.... I might actually go to it.  (Knowing all the while that I'm going to get my ass kicked... lol)

2.  Yesterday I was able to get a 5 mile run in with the kids.  They all rode their bikes while I ran.  Everyone did great for the first 2 miles, but then Princess bailed on us and called dad for a pick up.  It was actually a lot better than what I expected since she just learned to ride a two-wheeler 3 weeks ago! 

Nice face.  That's my "I'm such a badass runner" face.

3.  Binocularing.  That is the word Princess used to describe this symbol:

I like it.  It makes perfect sense.

4.  I got this in the mail the other day and I'm looking forward to trying their product.

I've never been a fan of any power or protein bars so I'm not sure about those, but I can't wait to try the protein drink!  Have you tried any of this product before?  Did you like it?

5.  Danielle, who commented on my previous post, is brilliant!!  She was right on with locking the touch pad on my laptop.  That stopped all the crazy letter adding and deleting and skipping to other parts of my typing.  Unbelievable.  Something that simple.  I guess I must have been touching the pad, ever so lightly, and causing all that curser movement.  Thank you, thank you!  I am no longer driven to a suicidal state by my computer. 

6.  We had the most unpatriotic 4th of July ever yesterday.  We had great plans but the threat of weather botched them up.

On the negative side:
--no lobster bake.  postponed until sat.
--no fireworks.  postponed until tonight.
--no sun = no beach
--trip to Wal-Mart for one item = $175 worth of other items.  friggin hate that store.

On the positive side:
--slept in until 8:30.  unheard of.
--5 mile run/bike with the kids.
--went to see the movie Brave.  Excellent movie and empty theater.
--clean house
--regular bedtime

All in all, not such a bad day!

How was your 4th?  Did the weather mess things up for you?


Christi said...

I am glad to hear you are doing well. Have fun at the lobster bake. I hear lobster prices are very good right now!

Running With The Girls said...

Congrats on qualifying! You should go just for the fun of it. :) That's awesome that the kids rode with you for the whole time (well, most of the kids!). I ran the LL Bean 10k yesterday and the drizzly rain we had during the race was awesome! Then it cleared enough in the Farmington area anyway - because we spend the rest of the day at the cottage w/o thunderstorms. I knew I wasn't going to see any fireworks because Izzy falls asleep around 8. Oh well. I'll see plenty when she's older!

..:danielle:.. said...

hahaha wow, thanks for the shout out. glad i saved you from the jump off the bridge. and i dont even know what that symbol is but now all i can see is binoculars too. and walmart is about as evil and wallet emptying as target. oof.

Terzah said...

That's a great letter. I think you should try to go (ha)--think of the stories you'd have!

If it weren't so friggin' hot here, I'd have my kids bike beside me on my next run. I think we'd all melt though. Something to try for in the fall....

Stasha said...

Walmart is the devil. Congrats on your success.