Monday, July 16, 2012

Thanks! Listicles style

Time for another list courtesy of Stasha at Northwest Mommy.  This week is all about thanks.  A list of 10 thanks for the day.  I have so many, I just don't know where to start....

1.  Thanks to the tourist from Connecticut who as we were passing each other in our cars, he heard my sneeze and yelled out his window BLESS YOU!  Once I was done with my sneeze, I yelled out THANK YOU and then had a good laugh.  One small act of politeness to rub out all the annoyances that the summer people bring. 

2.  Thanks to my daughter and a stapler my shirt went from this:

to this:

Just like new!  Who knows what kind of attention I would have received all day long if she hadn't spotted that gaping hole....

3.  Thanks to the Portland Sea Dogs for a wonderful birthday party for my son and a meeting with a pitcher.

 Will Latimer--let's hope he makes it to the Red Sox!

4. Thanks to Crocs.  Although ugly as sin, they are the best summer shoe going for boys.  Hands down.  No tying of laces.  If they get dirty, hose them down.  They slip on and off with ease.  They match everything.

5.  Thanks to the parking ticket guy who wrote me a ticket in Freeport on Saturday.  That was nice.  I would have been completely in the damn spot, if the jackass in front of me hadn't taken up 1 1/2 spots.   Why didn't you ticket that idiot?  I wasn't in the crosswalk or poking out into the road.  All for 15 minutes in the Nike outlet.  And I didn't even get any new running shorts.  Wah.

6.  Thanks to my children who still think I am all that and a bag of chips. 

7.  Thanks to my Honda Odyssey who after 190k miles, just keeps running.

8.  Thanks to the summer people who bring their money to our little fishing village and allow folks to make a living here.  Even if it is only for 4 months out of the year.  Now if you all would just break/lose/dump overboard more of your eyeglasses, that would be great. 

9.  Thanks to our air conditioning at the office that is choosing not to work on the most humid of days.  All my patients really enjoy the sweat that is dripping of my face on to their laps as I look into their eyes.  It's the little things that make my office special.

10.  Thanks to powers in the lobster industry that I don't understand, lobster prices are at an all time low.  Seriously folks, if you love lobster, now is the time to enjoy.  I swear, it's cheaper than deli meat right now.  Help these lobstermen out and buy, buy, buy lobster!  If you want some lobster and don't know where to purchase it, just shoot me a message.  I know plenty of local lobstermen that would be more than happy to mail some out to you.  I'll hook you up!


Robbie K said...

I stapled my bra strap on once...desperate times call for desperate measures don't they?

Love that you son was able to meet some baseball players. :)

Jackie said...

190 K! WHOA I am impressed. Way to run that car into the ground.

Running With The Girls said...

Sorry about the a/c....not good. Love the Lobster price though. I'm seeing lots of lobster this week. Yum!

Stasha said...

Just don't go through metal detectors in that shirt. OK bless you was just plain awesome but ticket not so much. Love this list. Your kids really do rule.

Sarah G said...

Used to staple up hems on pants at work in a pinch. hahaha

@dkotucker said...

Great list! Have to admit I've used a stapler too. Duct tape works wonders as well. :D

Lisa said...

OK, love the stapler bit!!!

And we just did "buy, buy, buy" a bunch of lobsters recently for a good ole neighborhood clambake. They were SO good and maybe even tastier because they were so cheap :)