Tuesday, December 18, 2012

50 Shades of Chicken

A mishmash of random stuff that has happened to me this week:

1.  Not even 8 minutes into my morning, my first patient made these two comments:

"Well, at least you aren't getting fat"
"This must get so boring for you"

Seriously.  What the f is wrong with people?  at least I'm not getting fat??  umm... thanks?  Is that how I'm supposed to respond to that?

To the second comment--why yes, this IS incredibly boring to me.  That is why I chose this as my life's work, so I can be bored every second of every day.

2.  This cookie might be the cutest of all Christmas cookies I have ever seen.

 So freakin' cute.

3.  Or how about that moment you realize that your cheap hair elastic has leaked it's dye all over your hair?
See the lovely blue-ish tinge?  Right above the ragged split ends?

This is an excellent look for an eye doctor, don't you think?  I'm hoping my patients are either blurry enough already or the dilating drops will get them so they don't notice.  Dark rooms are my friend.

Or how about that same moment when you realize how bad your hair looks?  Double whammy for me today.

4.  One of my co-workers gave this book as a gift at our Christmas party yesterday. 

A cookbook that is written in the style of the 50 Shades of Grey book.  Pretty freaking funny.  Mustard Spanked Chicken, Dripping Thighs, Erect Chicken and Chicken with a Lardon.  An excellent joke (kinda) gift if you need one.  The actual recipes looked yummy!

What is the cutest cookie you have seen this holiday season?


Running With The Girls said...

ha ha - now that's a freaking funny book!!!! & the nerve of some people......

Terzah said...

That chicken book looks GREAT. I might have to give it to my mom--we have an ongoing joke about 50 Shades (neither of us made it past Ch. 1).