Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Review

Time to look back on November.  Another month that just flew by.  I'm pretty sure that my kids are going to graduate soon with how quickly time is flying by.  Remember when you were 8 and the days seemed to last forever?  When a week was so long and a month was like a lifetime?  I'm not sure when the distortion of time perception changed but I think it was somewhere in my 30's.  Around the time I had kids.... Hmmm...  When my time wasn't my own anymore.  But I digress.

So anyway.

Miles Ran--50.5  Second month in a row of breaking 50!  Yay me!  As long as the weather cooperates, I should be able to keep up running at lunch time.

Bike Minutes--135 Not that much this month.  Something had to give I suppose.

Swim Yards--7000

Weight Training--0  oops.

Tennis--5 hours

Races run--Nothing official but my family and I did do a Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving.  It wasn't timed and was really just a fun run to help raise money for the local food pantry.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Current Excitement--There a lot of exciting things going on in my world right now.  Sissy's basketball team is undefeated right now 5-0, so that is pretty exciting.  They are playing the other undefeated team tonight so we'll see how that goes.  Princess has decided to join the u12 field hockey team that Sissy is playing u14 for.  They have practices and games all at the same time so that is super convenient.  The coaches are excellent and I'm thrilled to have the girls learn more and me too for coaching next year. 

My heel is doing great!  No pain to speak of.  I don't know whether to credit this to my Mizuno sneakers, the Rock Tape or just good luck.  Whatever it is, it feels great and running is not an issue at all. 

Boiled dinner.  I made boiled dinner last night and I forget just how much I love that!  Turnip, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and kielbasa all boiled together in one large pot.  What's not to like?  Why, yes, Amanda--I DID make my 7 veggie goal for today!  I have crazy, smelly gas but whatever.

Current Annoyance--the aftermath from having my cavities filled continues.  My jaw aches all the time, I am 15xs more sensitive to cold than I was and my ears are now aching.  Something is not right.  I hope I'm not having an infection--well, actually, I do hope it is an infection because then I can just take antibiotics.  If it isn't infected, then that probably means I need a crown and/or root canal.  Neither of which is fun.  Or cheap.  Gah.  Take care of your teeth people.

Current Book--Hunger Games for the second time.  Still a good book. 

That's all to report this month!  Half day for me today AND it's sunny and warm!  Bonus! I'm headed home to go for a run then off to watch Sissy play ball!  Have a great day!


RunToTheFinish said...

oh great so your family is blaming me for your stink :) sounds about right

Running With The Girls said...

Yay with your mileage! You are doing a fabulous job. Now you just need to get runtastic to let me know when you're running! ;)

Christi said...

Congrats on your running mileage!

Ali Mc said...

LOL your fam is funny! and I LOVE the hunger games....I want to read it again :) and 'm envious of your milage. I need to get my ass in gear.

Oh, word verification - wish me luck ;) lol