Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow, Hair and Shit

Umm yah, so we are getting hammered by snow.  And here I sit.  At work.  Actually working.  Strangely enough, people are still showing up for their eye appointments.  I have no help--technician or optician (read: I have to do everything) so that kinda stinks.  But at least it's been worth the drive in. 
The view from my office window. 

So even though I am still seeing patients, there has been some down time for me to ponder life's mysteries. 

Like why I can almost grow a better moustache than my husband.  I mean, it hardly seems fair that even without the benefit of two functioning testicles, my facial hair continues to grow.  Damn you French heritage!  I am seriously considering getting that laser hair removal treatment. 

Or why on a snowy day when I can't get to the gym to exercise, I just want to:

And I mean ALL THE FOOD.

Or why this cracks me up so much:


The Therapy pool will be closed for the rest of today, Wednesday December 26, due to a Biohazard.

It will re-open at its regular time, 5:00am Thursday morning, weather permitting. Please check our website for cancellations and updates due to weather tomorrow, 12/27.

There will be no Family Swim tonight due to the pool closure.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sent via email from one of the local YMCA's. 

Someone shit in the pool, so sorry you can't have your water therapy tonight. 

Have you tried laser hair removal?  Expensive?  Does it work?

Did you ever miss a swim workout because of a bolivian steamboat?


Lisa said...

You are freakin' hilarious :) Back down in here in MA, we got all rain....and lots of it. Not sure which is worse.

Running With The Girls said...

Find out the cost for laser hair removal and I'll do it with you. Damn German heritage! ;)

Sorry you had to work today. Yuck!!!!

That Pink Girl said...

I'm not sure HOW to comment except to say this made me cackle with laughter! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Too damn funny! I got that wonder stache too-awesome just what a girl wants! wonder how costly or painful that laser removal is....