Monday, December 10, 2012

HBBC Week 3 and other stuff

We are now beginning the 4th week of the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge so it's time to recap last week.  Here are my totals for the week.

Monday 1 hour of tennis = 6 points
Tuesday 5 miles run = 5 points
Wednesday 5 miles run = 5 points
Thursday 1 hour of tennis = 6 points
Friday rest
Saturday 50 minutes lap swimming = 5 points
Sunday 3.6 miles run = 3.6 points

+3 points for 7 veggies/fruits in a day
+5 points for FB check in
+3 points for dog walking 6 out of 7 days

Total points for the week = 41.6

Last week I finally went back to the dentist after a month of suffering with pain in my jaw and now below my ears after having all the dental work.  It turns out because one of the teeth that he had to rebuilt was a little bigger than what it should be, I was altering my bite to accommodate it and then caused TMJ.  TMJ is basically inflammation of the jaw joint.  Which, if you didn't know, is unbelievably painful.  For me, it feels like I have the worst ear infection ever.  Crazy pain just below the ears.  So, he ground down the larger tooth so that my bite is more like it used to be and hopefully, that will allow the jaw joint to heal as I'm chewing more correctly. 

What a strange thing that is, to have to think about how you chew and to try to do it correctly and evenly.  It's one of those things you never think about until it doesn't work properly. 

Since the diagnosis, I have been able to make sure to unclench my jaw and relax and I have had a few pain-free meals.  I do feel like it's getting better but like anything, it will take time to go away completely. 

lining up for promotions.  Manimal is in the black gi.

This weekend my son had his testing for jiu-jitsu with promotions afterward.  We weren't sure if he was getting stripes for his current belt or a new belt.  He received this belt just 5 months ago and so I kinda thought that he might be getting stripes.  But Professor surprised us all when all the kids in his group received the next belt up!  Manimal is now a yellow belt!  He was very surprised and proud.  He looks so god damn cute!
Professor giving him his yellow belt

nice long belt because they have this one for a LONG time... lol

Then afterwards we went over to Professor's house for a holiday party.  We ate too much and stayed out too late but had a great time. 

Just two more crazy weekends until Christmas and we can go back to normal.  Whatever that is. 

Are you keeping your holiday eating in check?  Keeping up with exercise?

Have you finished/started your holiday shopping?


Christi said...

Holiday overeating check. Run/walk at least a mile/day check. Wanting the holiday over,absolutely!

Congrats to your son!

Running With The Girls said...

Yay for your boy! Congrats! & glad for the diagnosis - hopefully you won't be in pain anymore.

RunToTheFinish said...

the jaw thing is such a pain, ok no pun there, but I am glad you are starting to get a little relief

Teamarcia said...

COngrats to the manimal! So cute! You are killing it on the HBBC.
Tooth/jaw pain blows. Sorry you've been suffering with it.