Monday, February 25, 2013


I am pathetic.  As in pathetically inflexible.  A friend of mine mentioned the other day about how she was pleasantly surprised that she was still able to do a wheel pose. 
Now, mind you, I was never really good at it, not being a gymnast and all, but I could actually do this at one time.  So in my delusional 43-year-old mind, if I could do it when I was 20, then clearly I could still do it now, right? 

Um.  Yah.

So I tried the other day.  And this is the travesty that happened. 

wheel? ha.  more like flat tire

Really.  Stop laughing.  This picture is actually of my second try (I had a photographer today) and is better than last week.  My head is actually off the floor a little bit here. 

It's really hard to practice this pose when you are as inflexible as I am.  I could barely hold that for the half a second it took for her to snap the picture.  I wondered how in the world am I going to get better at this when I can't even lift myself up for a 5 seconds?? 

So I had the brilliant idea of practicing the pose over an exercise ball. 

this picture is even worse than the first one.  thank god you can't see my face.  my friend cheryl could barely contain her laughter while taking this one

I think the more times I do this, my back and such will get more flexible and eventually I should be able to hold the pose, right?

One can only dream.

I'll post my progress if I can get Cheryl to stop laughing long enough to take the picture.  Hopefully, it gets less pathetic.

Flexible or not?

Would you ever post pictures like this of yourself for others to laugh at?

Can YOU do a wheel pose?  Post a pic and prove it!


Lisa said...

I commend you for your courage in attempting AND for being photographed! I have ZERO flexibility - NONE.ZIPPO. And the thing is, I don't care enough to do anything about it.

I'm such a slacker...

jandreth said...

NOT flexible! This made me laugh out loud! Beginners Yoga classes terrify me! I could barely do this pose when I was 10! I'd probably end up in the hospital. I can, however, still moonwalk! LOL

Unknown said...

lol. I think I may have tried but it has been a while for me too and I was never very good at it. as I recall I was always afraid of hurting my neck or falling on my head.
I consider myself slightly more flexible than the average joe but I may just have to try this one again to see what happens!
I'll have my son take a pic:o)

Kara said...

That is an epic picture. I would totally post something like that if I had it.

ihaverun said...

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Stasha said...

My ballet mistress told me when I was young that as much as you practice flexibility is largely genetic. Maybe that was just her subtle way of saying to give up ballet... I think you will wheel it soon!!