Saturday, February 2, 2013

Runner's Photos and Random Stuff

So I was searching around reading a bunch of stuff on twitter yesterday and I came across this Runner Photo Challenge hosted by One Tough Mother Runner on Instagram.  I'm not instagram but I want to do the challenge anyway.  I'll hashtag on twitter and you can follow that way if you want.  I wanted to do a quick post on 1 and 2 so I don't get too far behind.  I still have to do January review and I even have a race tomorrow!  eek!  Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler.  (instant PR since I've never done a 10 miler.)  Here are the pictures for each day:

Running Shoes
my current favorite pair of running shoes--Mizuno

Favorite Race Shirt
this is my favorite race shirt so far.  The fit is perfect, the colors are flattering and the material is awesome.  Only one small problem...... I didn't actually run the race.  ha.  You can read about that here.

So I should probably choose a shirt from a race that I actually completed.
This is the race shirt that is my favorite in that I'm most proud of finishing this race.  The shirt itself is just ok.  White is terrible for me--our water always turns white grey or yellow, not to mention I always stain it in some way.  And the kicker is, is that the material is cotton.  Yuk.  Not the greatest for a race shirt.  But I love that it says finisher!

The Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler is tomorrow.  I've never run this race but it seems to be the race that all the cool Maine kids run.  Every one I know that runs--bloggers, twitter, and just regular runner folks are all doing this race.  It's going to be pretty cold--probably around 18*, but it has a later start so hopefully, it won't be too frigid.  And I won't have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to get there!  9:45 a.m. start so I'm hoping to finish around 11:15-11:25.  My longest run since my 1/2 mary in 2010 was 6 miles.  So this should be interesting.

I hope you're having a great weekend!  What's your favorite race shirt?  Do you love it for the race or the shirt?


Lisa said...

My favorite race shirt (for both the shirt AND the race) is my Mohawk Hudson River Marathon from 2010. It's an Addidas brand long sleeve w/ the bold "10-10-10" on the front as part of the design. To add to the beauty, it was my BQ race (before they went ahead and changed it!). And lastly, we took the road trip to Albany for the race with a small group of friends. So it brings back some great memories :)

Lisa said...

P.S. Hope your 10 miler was awesome!

Running Librarian said...

I think my favorite shirt is the Flying pirate says Arrrr we there yet? on the back..I don't wear it that often because it is pretty hot for a short sleeve. good luck on the ten miler!

Harold said...

My favorite race shirts are the 1983 Marine Corps Marathon shirt (I earned that sucka ;-) and the Runner's World Half Shirt from last fall.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing the 10 miler tomorrow, I screwed up and didn't register in time :(

You will do well and have fun. Tell everyone I said Hi :-)