Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spartan Race

Rose over at Eat Drink and be Meiri was hosting a giveaway for an entry into a Spartan Race and yours truly won it!  Woo!

I had kinda been wanting to enter one of these races but just never got around to doing it or finding the time to drive to Vermont where it had been held.  Not to mention they are ridiculously expensive.  They are kinda like the Warrior Dash but supposed to be more badass.  Some of the venues have different length races you can choose--3 mile, 8 mile and the 12 mile Death Race. 

There never seem to be many choices with these kind of races in Maine.  Usually there is one and it's somewhere in New England.  Which, for those of you that have been to Maine, even though Vermont looks close to Maine, it really is not.  Neither is Connecticut or Rhode Island for that matter.  Unless you live in the very southern tip of Maine--and you almost can't even count that as part of Maine.  It's more like a Masshole satellite.  You'd better plan on at least a 3-4 hour drive.  Ugh. 

So anyway, I won this entry and didn't even know if there was going to be a date that I could even get to the venue to race.  The New England venue is scheduled in August in Amesbury, MA.  Super convenient as far as location because it's about 15 minutes from my Mother-in-law's house, however, the date stinks.  It's the weekend directly after the Beach to Beacon 10K and 2 weekends before the little 70.3 race I have on my schedule.  That's all is need to fuck myself up on some dumb mud run and not be able to race my A race.  Not to mention August is hotter than hell and I have already done the Warrior Dash at that exact location. 

So upon scanning the other locations of the Spartan Race, I found another New England race at Fenway!!!  As in Fenway park--like where the Red Sox play!  In November!  Fabulous!  My big races will be done, the weather will be cooler and it's at Fenway! Sign me up! 

I'm not exactly sure how they are going to make a trail race/obstacle course at Fenway (which btw is in the middle of Boston) but whatever.  It will still be fun.  And when will I ever get another chance to be on the grass at Fenway park?? 

Now I'm totally excited about a race I didn't even have on my radar this year.  I'm hoping that some other running buddies of mine will come down and do it with me....  hint hint Carrie and Jen and Danielle (never mind that baby you just had, Tyler can take care of him...)

Other Bonuses:

Spectators are free (unlike the Amesbury location)
Kids race
Did I mention it's in FENWAY PARK??

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Running With The Girls said...

Like I said - count me in. I just haven't told the husband yet. But I'm letting him do another he won't have a problem with me doing this one!!!