Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Flashback

Since I have nothing of any real interest to write about today, I thought I'd do a flashback and post some crazy old pictures.  If you remember the 80's, then you should know that these should be pretty funny.

Let's start with a more recent old picture.
This is 1995ish?  We are at Billy Bob's in Texas.  I'm the dork on the far right with the red boots.  As I recall, we 'borrowed' the stuff for the picture.  I did buy boots on that trip but not bright red ones.  Optometry students from Boston on the loose in Billy Bobs.  We stuck out like a sore thumb. 

Flashback a little further to senior year of high school.

Ok.  Here we are beginning to see the 80's influence a little bit.  Lovin' me some big hair!  I think we managed to keep the black flies at bay from all the aqua net.  Between the four of us, I'm sure there was at least a full can on our heads.  Seniors on the soccer team, I'm #25.  I'm wishing my legs looked like that still.  Not so much the hair.

Flashback to freshman year:
What stands out to most in this picture is I look about 12.  Oh wait.  I was about 12.  Maybe 13.  Either way, really young.  And my waist is non-existant.  Almost concentration camp-ish.  And that was normal then.  I wasn't really skinny, I was just regular.  I did eat.  Really.

Let's finish off flashback Friday with one more embarrassing photo.  Of course, I must share that embarrassment.   Here's by tri-buddy BD and I at our Winter Carnival (prom-like dance):

I really don't have much to say about that other than we were smokin' back in 1988!  Well, she more than I but she was the Queen and I just a mere attendant. :)  And here we are now:

And she still looks better than me! 

Please feel free to share any flashback photos you may have!  We all need a good laugh!  Have a great weekend!  Oh--and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  Just scroll down until you arrive at the Wicked Good Giveaway post.

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O dear..... Is nothing sacred?! lol :)