Thursday, May 19, 2011

good news/bad news

I should have titled this post bad news/good news cause I'm going to give the bad news first and the good news second.  But I thought good news/bad news sounded better than bad news/good news.  Anyhoo--on with the post.

1.  Bad news--my cat of three years is gone.  It has been over a week and she has not come home.  This is not a good sign.  :(  Anyone that knows me will know that 3 years is a record time for keeping a cat at my house.  We have had around 8 cats over the past 14 years.  We live in a rural area so they either get eaten by wildlife, run over by cars, lost or stolen.  It is right around the time that I have finished spending $200-300 on the cat getting it's shots/fixed/whatever that it goes missing.   In fact, I kinda wonder why the animal shelter keeps letting us adopt them.  Which brings me to me good news....

We have two new kittens! :)  (The odds are against these poor cuties..)  We went to the shelter, *just to look* and voila!  two kittens were headed home with us.  They are super cute.  I will post pictures later.  The girls named them Jake and Lily. 

2.  Bad news--it is STILL raining, foggy, shitty here in Maine.  Good news--we don't have to worry about a drought.

3.  Bad news--grey hairs are beginning to show up again.  Good news--color and cut scheduled for Saturday.

4.  Bad news--the world finds out the Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pig.  Good news--I am not married to him.

5.  Good news--school is out on 6/15.  No more getting kids up early, packing lunches, homework, after school activites, band concerts, book fairs, notes from the principal etc etc.  Bad news--school is getting out so childcare bill rises to at least $350/week and more if there is a sports camp involved.

Hope your day involves more good news than bad news! 

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