Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WTF Wednesday--the squirrel edition

It is time for another installment of WTF Wednesday!  I know you all have been waiting patiently for this day to arrive!  not!

1.  It's time for an update on our ongoing battle with the squirrels.  So you may or may not remember from my previous post, our bird feeders are being ravaged by the red squirrels.  My husband, B, bought a new feeder with a wire hanger (so it cannot be chewed) and replaced the old, chewed feeder.  Since then we have been ok with the squirrels.  Occasionally, we will come home to find the cover off the top and on the ground.  The cover is plastic and has been chewed quite a bit, presumably to get the cover off.  Once off, they just eat the food. 

So this is what I find the other day
See that red cap waaaayyyy at the top of the tree?  That is the cap of the bird feeder!  The little bastard has placed the cap up high where we can't reach it vs. dropping it on the ground.  Smart little fellow.  And as I sit there and watch him, this is how he's getting the food:

He is climbing down into the tube-shaped bird feeder and taking the food!  WTF??!!  They are clever little rodents, aren't they?  Here's B grabbing the cover from the tree top--just so you can see how high it is!  He's 6'3".

He's on a ladder as well--the top rung!  I was just waiting for it to tip and for him to fall.  Thankfully, he made it down just fine.

Any thoughts on how to keep the squirrels at bay?  The air pellet thing is getting old and I'm starting to feel bad.  (please don't pull that PETA stuff on me, I live with a hunter and that's just how it is)  I want to out-smart them!

2.  How about Bynum getting ejected from the game the other night for that flagrant foul?  WTF!  What a jackass.  He deserves his 5 game suspension without pay.

3.  His pay that he will forfeit for those 5 games is $677K.  Yes, you read that correctly $677 THOUSAND DOLLARS.  WTF??  Can it be donated to some worthy cause?  Like my never-ending student loans? 

4.  Alicia Silverstone names her son Bear Blu.  Seriously.  WTF?  She should be fined $677K....  She continues to be "clueless".

Schedule for the week (albeit a little late...)
Mon:  spin 30 min/cardio tennis  Done!
Tue:  spin 50 min  Done!
Wed:  supposed to be spin/strength class but it was cancelled so it turned into "pick up perfectly fine bike at bike shop"  Run 4 miles tonight instead?
*sidebar--I dropped it off to have them check the gears, they were clicking and not shifting smoothly.  Turns out it was just operator error.  (my words, not theirs--they were too kind for that, or didn't want to insult me so I would continue to spend money there)
Thurs:  30 min spin/cardio tennis
Fri:  swim 2000 yds (or however far I can swim in 1 hour)
Sat:  run or jiu-jitsu fitness class
Sun:  bike with my perfectly fine bike and/or run

And that concludes this edition of WTF Wednesday!

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Christi said...

Squirrels are ornery little rodents. We have much bigger rodents in our neck of the woods, Deer! My husband calls them rodents and they are every where and destroying everything: flowers, trees, grass, cars, etc!