Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF Wednesday

I saw this on another blog and I thought it was pretty funny so I'm stealing it.  WTF Wednesday.  Seems pretty appropriate for today so here goes.

1.  Rain.  Clouds.  Misery.  50's.  ugh  WTF

2.  Sketcher Shape-Ups.  Those ridiculous looking sneakers that "improve your fitness".  Yah, right.  Strange that I only see large people wearing them.   WTF

3.  Spin class cancelled on the shitty weather day but not on the beautiful weather day.  WTF

4.  Girl babies in India left malnourished because they are girls.  Double WTF

5.  EMZ is running a 24 hour marathon for charity.  Amazing.  Inspiritional.  But still WTF.

6.  Only three people have signed up for my super-duper Xperio Polarized Lens giveaway.  This is prescription or non-prescription people!  At least a $200 value!  WTF 


Unknown said...

well just me pick ME to win!! what? you won't do that?? WTF!!

great post Michelle

chris mcpeake said...

how did i miss this contest?
sign me up